When You Are 11

I’m so angry

Not just at my mom or my whole family,

though I am mad at them


I’m annoyed 

every day I am just annoyed,

everything annoys me


School, the way the teachers 

blame you for things you are not guilty of


School, the lessons take so long it seems 

as if time slows down as the day progresses


School, the way lunch feels shorter

and I want it to be longer because sports and friends

are more important to me than all the things

I’m supposed to be doing


I’m playing with my friends

my parents yell at me when I’m excited in my game

my parents yell at me when I’m having fun


People don’t follow the rules of the game

kids cheat and kill everyone, I get excited

and I yell, and then my parents yell at me


They don’t know understand my world 

and I don’t understand theirs


Our worlds are spinning apart, and it causes these storms

that cause destruction, just like in Fortnite

Where the storm comes and ends your life

that disconnects you from the word the land and the people


This is what I want to do this is how I want to live my 11-year-old life

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