Wait, Hibiscus!

By: Ida Louison-Belsky

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Hibiscus Bunny woke up and stretched. It was Saturday morning. Hibiscus tiptoed down the stairs avoiding waking the cat. Today was market day and Hibiscus Bunny hoped to go. Hibiscus had waited six years and finally the day was here.

“Good morning,” said Mama.

As Hibiscus Bunny sat down, Sassafrass, Hibiscus’ older sister stood around. Carryneir was chopping carrots and celery. Chaterly was singing a song about cats while their father brushed his teeth in the basin.

“What’s for breakfast?” asked Hibiscus cheerfully.

“Wheat buns, carrot, jam, tulips, marigold salad, and ice snare.”

“Yay!” said Hibiscus. “That’s my favorite meal. I’m glad it’s not Esk.”

“Your new overalls are ironed,” said Mama.

What a perfect day, thought Hibiscus.

“I’m sorry,” said Mama, “but I will not be able to take you to the market and neither will your siblings. I am busy.”

“Maybe later?” asked Hibiscus with hope.

“No,” said Mama. “We’re busy.”

So Hibiscus Bunny waited… and waited… and waited some more. Waiting was hard and so was wishing for tomorrow.

Finally, it was tomorrow. Hibiscus wanted to jump up and down. They hopped down the stairs because they were so excited and hurried through their breakfast.

“Can we go to the market yet?” Hibiscus asked.

“No,” Sassafrass laughed. “You have no nice clothes.”

“Be nice,” warned Mama. “Hibiscus, please put on your nicer clothes.”

Hibiscus went up to retrieve their nicest overalls and nicest bandanna.

“Those are dirty,” said Sassafrass.

“Can you wash them?” Hibiscus asked Daddy hopefully.

“No,” said Daddy, “but I can wash them this afternoon.”

“That’s alright,” said Mama. “I can’t go until later.”

Hibiscus asked all his siblings. They were all busy.

Hibiscus waited. Finally, their clothes were clean. Hibiscus asked their siblings and parents again. THEY WERE ALL BUSY!

Again, Hibiscus waited… and waited… and waited.

Finally, it was time! Hibiscus marched downstairs. They felt tired, achey, and so itchy!

“Are you ok?” asked Mama.

Hibiscus lifted their face.

“Oh!” Mama said. “You have bunny pox. You must go to bed.”

“No!” cried Hibiscus. “I have to go to the market.”

“No,” said Mama gently. “We will go together when you are better.”

Hibiscus waited and waited for five days, but it felt like forever. Hibiscus was very sick.

Finally, after all the waiting, they felt better. They went downstairs and there stood Hibiscus’ family.

“We missed you!” they cried.

“Let’s go to the market!” exclaimed Hibiscus.

And they did.

The End

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