Us First

U see me 

I see u 

They don’t see us 

They see color 

They see fear 

In they mind a boy with his hands in his pockets has a weapon that’s not afraid to be traced 

Or a boy with a hoodie just stole from the nearest deli 

We’re seen as Violent people or Murderers

When our colorful souls are the ones laid out 

On the cold concrete as the innocent blood drips 

Showing the true connection that make everyone human 

In any situation Where the antagonizers 

It’s not like we chose to be black 

In any Situation we have to remember to be black first because you gonna hold yourself like a black person will

Loyalty support and love should go to black people first 

When u look at me u see black first 

Remember we were proclaimed to be savages when they stripped us from our home 

Making us view everything in a different perspective 

But don’t feel sympathy for us 

We evolved from our challenges 

No need for apologies now because y’all wasn’t saying it then and u sure as hell ain’t saying it now 

Take a moment a pray for the one we lost 

RIP (name) husband father and son 

What happened to black lives matter was that just a social pun 

A trend   

Unjustified statement 

We battled our demons 

Remember black first 

Most importantly u first 

All lives matter of course but not not until Black Lives Matter 🤎


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