Three of Diamonds

By: Lucas Lui

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On mystic days, I’ve wondered –  

If the Psychics shuffled my life’s cards fairly. 

For my timeline has warped a Repetition of 

Trial or Error – and dealt me with repeated Error. 


The Trial lived in my brain, 

That court judged to and fro. 

My mother’s words were adjourned, 

And my own, sentenced with highest penalty –  

Can an Ace of Hearts bail me? 


A Black Spade buried me – below Shadow’s Deck, 

Splitting, rifling, forcing me to burst out into black clovers. 

Fortune screams at me like the slam of Eight Clubs, 

The Jokers no longer amuse me –  

Have the cards gone against the player? Pondering 

As I – small seed – wallow in wretched soil. 


I call out, “Four Queens of Destiny, grant me a royal flush.” 

My ears hear Suits whispering – Diamond of the Rough – I arise.  

My hands fan out my past, present, and future. 

No Kings – no Jacks define me. 

Trial and Error, gambled away in Mystery’s hand of wonder.


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