Think Innocently of Me

 (mirror poem: read top to bottom then bottom to top by line)


are made of me.

11:24 and i want to be made of stars and stars

jumbled thoughts are running wild because it’s

dying can we die together? My words are

i burn out and i’m dying and stars are

explode in overwhelming flavors of light when

and i want to glitter oblivion and i want to

i want to be the center of someone’s universe

peering out of their nightly window for

i want to be the thing that someone’s

i want to be someone’s bright shining light

they are to me because i want to be a star

that i am just as important to them as

we are the same and i want to think

innocently at them i want to think that

even if i’m just a bright speck smiling

and i want to think that they can see me

my world at 5 past the winter sun setting

that i twinkle for them they always light up

their world so high i would like to think

diamond in their sky and i’m up above

i have five points and i wonder if i’m a

think that i twinkle and i wonder if they think

that trippy? i wonder if really hot balls of gas

of the same shit that the sun is made of isn’t

of atoms and stars are made of atoms so i am made

because the fragments of my tired body are made up

i am made of stars and stars are made of me

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