The Twister

By: Eva M. Berlin-Lustig

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A girl gets swooped up in a tornado on the way back home from a playdate. She sees amazing sights, and wants to stop at all of them. Does she make it home? What does she think about it? What does her family think about it? YOU CHOOSE!


One day, Sarah Goodman was sitting on the porch of her friend Abigail’s house in Montana. Sarah had told her mom that she would be back by 5:30 and it was 5:00. It was a thirty minute walk to her farm, so she decided to leave. So she said goodbye to her friend and left. It was a bright and sunny day, but suddenly the clouds rolled in, and it was dark as night. Then the wind came up and it started raining, so she walked faster. It was getting windier and windier by the minute, so she started to run. Then she saw a lightning bolt. Then she heard a loud rumble. She stopped running for a second. She realized she was lost.

She was usually a confident girl who rarely got scared, but now she was really scared.



Luckily, she and everyone she knew had some sort of phone. She tried to call her mom, saying she would be late. But before she could dial her number, the power went out.

Then she saw something, not an ordinary thing. “TWISTER!!!” shouted Sarah, hoping someone would hear her and find her. But no one did. Suddenly, the wind swooped down and picked her up. It kept carrying her up until she could see the entire country. Just then, she realized something. This is no ordinary twister, thought Sarah. It covered the whole country.

Just then, Sarah flew over Hollywood. Then Disney World. Then Harry Potter World. Then the White House. Then New York City. Then the Grand Canyon.

If you want her to stop somewhere, skip to Section 4. If you don’t, then keep going. 

Sarah wanted to stop at all these places, but of course, she could not control the wind. Suddenly, she saw Six Flags. She also wanted to stop there. But the place Sarah wanted to be at the most was home. Off in the distance, she could see her farm. Suddenly, she was right above it. Sarah was overjoyed. Just then, she did a perfect flip in midair and then the wind swooped down and put her right in her house. She was so tired, she went straight to bed and went right to sleep.

When she woke up, she told her family about it. Her mother thought it was a dream, but her father wasn’t so sure. Her sister thought it was her imagination. If you think it was a dream, skip to Section 1. If you think it was real, skip to Section 2. If you agree with her sister, skip to Section 3. 


Section 1 

Sarah agreed with her mother and went on with her Saturday routines. The end.


Section 2

Sarah agreed with her father and thought about it all day instead of going on with her normal Saturday routines. The end.


Section 3

Sarah thought her older sister was right and went on with her normal Saturday routines. The end.


Section 4

Just then, Sarah realized she had stopped somewhere. Right then, Sarah realized something awful. She had nowhere to stay. But then she remembered her grandparents lived in Orlando. She decided to stay with them. Somehow, she managed to get to their house. She came up with a plan. She would tell her parents and grandparents what had happened. Sarah also remembered her parents had planned a trip to Disney World. She would go back with them. Sarah’s plan worked. Within a month, she was back home, safe and sound.


The End


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