The Seven Lands

Silver Spot’s job was to defend the seven lands. Anything that dared to try and destroy the lands would be brutally dismembered. The volcano spewed lava into the sky. Silver Spot gasped. Someone was here to destroy the lands! Silver Spot quickly and in a panicked way wrapped herself around all the seven lands. She looked for the intruder. She noticed a small figure on another snake-like dragon. The other dragon looked just like her, but it was gold. Silver Spot gasped. Was that small figure a human? And it was on a dragon! Silver Spot stared at them and finally said hello. 

“Hey. Sup?” The human said. 

“Nothing. But do you happen to be here to destroy the lands?” Silver Spot asked nervously. 

“Why, yes I am,” said the human with an evil grin on his face.

“No, you can’t!” Silver Spot cried.

“Oh, but I can…” the human said in a sly way. The human attached his golden sword to the dragon’s horns. The golden serpent roared and lunged toward Silver Spot’s neck. The golden creature bit into her neck. 

“Please…stop….” she panted. 

Blood fell onto the heart tree, turning its emerald green leaves into a garnet red. The tree seemed to get taller and bigger until it whacked the human off of the golden dragon.

“ YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!” The human screamed as he fell to his doom.

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