The Search

Chapter 1: They Meet

Flames and smoke were all around me. Everyone was gone. I was sitting in a burnt corner of the palace. I was crying because my whole family was gone and I was all alone.

“I wish someone was here to help me,” I said.

Suddenly I felt a warm paw on my shoulder. I stopped crying and looked up. It was a lion! How could a lion have gotten into the palace?

The lion calmly said, “I am Swiff. What is your name?”

“My name is Dash,” I said sniffling. And then we started to have a conversation.

Swiff said, “You’re not safe here. The phoenix is still here.”

“He’s still here?” I yelled. “What should I do?”

“Follow me,” Swiff said.

“Why should I trust you?” I asked. 

“Your father sent me to rescue you,” Swiff replied. 

“But my father is dead,” I told him. 

“The phoenix only wanted you to believe that your family was dead. They’re actually alive. We just have to find them. Will you come with me now?”

“Yes!” I replied.


Chapter 2: The Start of the Journey

“How will we get out of the palace?” I asked my companion.

Swiff replied, “If I found a way in, we can find a way out. Follow me, Dash!”

The lion led me out of the ruined palace and into the village. It was abandoned because the phoenix had destroyed everything. All the villagers had been at the party in the palace. We had gathered to celebrate my powers but then the phoenix set the kingdom on fire. Flames were everywhere! With a single roar, the phoenix destroyed the world I loved.

I felt scared and sad to see how all our hard work had been for nothing. But then Swiff said, “There’s the Forgotten Forest up ahead. The phoenix won’t be able to see us in there.”

Inside the forest there was a deep mist. It took courage to walk through the Forgotten Forest. There were no flowers and we could barely see the trees. All we could hear were the shrieks of wild animals all around us. 

“What was that?” I asked.

Swiff looked worried. “I think it’s a werewolf!”


Chapter 3: Finally—Escape!

“Don’t run!” Swiff whispered. “Walk slowly and hopefully the werewolf won’t chase after us.”

I did as I was told but the werewolf howled so loudly that I began to run for my life. Swiff was right behind me but we tripped over a tree stump and rolled down a steep hill.

When we finally stopped tumbling, I felt dizzy. “I feel something cold running down my back!”

“Phew,’’ Swiff said with relief. “Good thing we landed in a river. My back hurts, though.”

“My back hurts, too,” I said. “How much farther do we have to go? Do you have a map?”

“No,” said Swiff, “but your father is guiding me. We need to get to the Mysterious Meadow.”

“It won’t be easy,” I said. “Everything we touch will stick to us! Maybe I can use my magical powers to carry us over the meadow.”

“Let’s go!” Swiff said.

I used my power to grow a bit bigger so that Swiff could fit on my back. Then I spread my wings and started to fly. Just as we were flying over the Mysterious Meadow, something strange happened. A strange force began sucking us down to the ground!

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!” Swiff screamed. “We’re sinking!”

“Stay calm,” I told the lion. “We can make it!”


Chapter 4: Uh-Oh!

Somehow we managed to land safely. “Yay!” I said.

Swiff said, “Phew!”

I said, “Where are we going to go now?”

Swiff said, “The Misty Marsh.”

“Let’s go!” I said.

We started to walk toward the Misty Marsh. The swamp was like a maze because we had to swerve around the trees.

“Should we fly over it instead?” I asked.

“Let’s just walk through the Misty Marsh. It can’t be that bad,” Swiff said.

As we walked through the swamp, strange trees began to grow up alongside us. Trees grew in front of us, too!

I tried to spread my wings and fly but the branches stopped me. I bumped my head. I flew lower and tried to weave through the trees. Swiff followed me. We managed to get through the tree maze.

I could finally see the temple off in the distance! It was still far away.

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