The Rough Trip

By: Brianna Martinez

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“All aboard for Paris. This is the last call,” said the customer service agent.
     “Oh my gosh,” I said. That was my flight. I rushed to the airplane as fast as my legs could take me.
     “Phew,” I said. Almost missed it. As soon as we were up in the air, the flight attendant came to me.
     “Hello! Would you like a ham, cheese and lettuce sandwich with orange juice and some potato chips?” said the flight attendant.
     “Thank you, but I am not that hungry right now,” I said.
     The flight attendant was walking away when I shouted, “Wait up, how many hours is the flight?”
     “Eight hours,” said the flight attendant.
     “That’s a lot!” I remarked. We got on the plane around 1:30 p.m. so we would get there at 5:30 a.m. since Paris is six hours ahead.
     I got lost in my train of thought and became distracted by how clean and shiny this plane was. As soon as I thought that, I felt an urge to go to the bathroom. I was the only one that wanted to use it, so there was no line. However, as I was opening the door, someone said, “Occupied!” I heard someone vomiting in there, but figured I was probably just overreacting. When the lady finally got out, I stepped in and everything was covered in vomit and it smelled horrible.
     “Gross,” I said. “I’ll just hold it.” I went back to my seat and turned on my phone.
     “Holy moly,” I said. On the news, it said that Gelin and Nicholas were kidnapped.
     “This is not happening!” I said. Those people are my friends! I can’t let anything bad happen to them! What was supposed to be my nice and calming business trip had turned into my latest save.
     I looked into the article closely and it said that they were in Paris. “Great,” I said, “That is exactly where I am headed to.”
     I decided that I was stressing out too much and I had to take a nap. I snoozed for about six hours. I finally woke up from my deep sleep to the noise of people screeching and yelling. It sounded like a madhouse! I soon found out that they were all yelling at me to get off of the plane! I got off the plane and went to get my luggage. Once I got it I went to check into my hotel.
     “Looks like I will be staying in the Armadillo Suite,” I said.
     When I got there, the customer service lady said that my room was on the left of Staircase A.
     “Thanks,” I said. As soon as I got into my room, I was stunned. “So beautiful,” I said. “Gorgeous, lovely and amazing.
     RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! My phone rang. I picked it up. I did not know who it was, but I heard a strange voice saying, “Muahaha, if you ever want to see your friends again, you have to give me a trillion dollars.” I hung up the phone.
     “What in the world?” I said. I didn’t have that kind of money. “I have to go save them.”
     I looked at my schedule: conference at 5:30 p.m
     “Great!” I said. “Now I can talk about what happened at work.
     I decided to take a nice hot shower with some bath bombs.
     “Cherry swirl, rainbow explosion and mandarin tangerine,” I said. They smelled delightful and my bathtub turned into a mix of colors. I got out of the shower, blowdried my hair and put my clothes on. I knew that I had plenty of time, so I wasn’t rushing. I checked the time just to be sure. It was 6:05pm
     “Oh my gosh!” I said. I thought I was early and now I am late! I didn’t have enough time to put my makeup on, so I had to do it on the way to the conference. I was running at the speed of light right when I accidently knocked down an old man.
     “Oh, I am so sorry sir,” I said. Nothing could be worse than this. First of all I am late and I just knocked down an old man.
     “Everyone always takes me seriously and now they are not because I am late and my makeup looks like I just finished wrestling a baboon,” I said to myself. I really meant it! Lipstick was on my forehead, eyeshadow was on my cheek, and my hair looked like Einstein’s. I finally made it to the conference at 6:55 p.m. I quickly opened the door and plopped down on my seat.
     “Oh, Ms. Miley, running late!” said Mr. Bush my boss.
     “I am a spy and you already know this so, I have do deal with real life and spy stuff, and you a have it pretty hard on me!” I said inside my head angrily.
     “This is strike one!” said Mr.Bush. You cannot expect to stay in this job if you are constantly running late. This is real business. Okay, now that we are all ready, let’s talk about the big news. Two people were kidnapped.
     “They were my friends,” I said sadly.
     “Do not interrupt,” said Mr. Bush in a loud voice.
     “We need more information about this case, so does anyone have any information?” he said.
     “Oh, I do!” said Gary my co-worker.
     “Then what is it?” said Mr.Bush
     “They have a pet fish!” said Gary.
     “Gary, that is not going to help us at all,” said Mr. Bush. “Does anyone else have useful information?”
     “I do,” I said. “Yesterday I got this call saying that if I ever wanted to see Gelin and Nicholas again, I would have to give the person who is having them held captive a trillion dollars.”
     “Did that person leave a voicemail?” asked Mr. Bush.
     “Yes,” I replied.
     “May I hear it?” asked Mr. Bush.
     “Here it is!” I said, then played the recording.
     “You know who that sounds like?” asked Mr. Bush.
     “Who?” I said.
     “Bulldozer and Blaser!” replied Mr. Bush. Those two men were the most feared criminals in the world.
     “They are wanted in 15 states,” said Mr.Bush. “You should not be handling this crime, Miley. They are way too dangerous for you to handle. They are high-class criminals. They have murdered, kidnapped and robbed people!”
     “This is a job for us men,” said Mr.Bush.
     “Ladies can do it too,” I said.
     “Not this one,” said Mr. Bush. I left the conference upset, angry and confused. Of course Mr. Bush said that this is a job for only men, but I wasn’t about to let him stop me.
     “I am going to take part in this and prove to him that I can do the same thing as any men!” I declared. I went to bed right away to clear my head for tomorrow. Then Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! went my morning alarm.
     “Already?” I said sleepily. I still got up and did my normal morning routine. I was out of the hotel room at 7 a.m.
     “I need more information on Bulldozer and Blaser,” I said. “Maybe some files on them will do the trick.”
     I headed over to the Department of Investigation. I passed the security guards and was on my way to the high-class tech room. I took a quick sneak peek inside.
     “Computers, smartphones, tablets and gadgets!” I squealed, but I remained focused on what I really came here to do. I quickly went to the computer and searched for the high-class criminals.
     “Wow, Mr. Bush was right! These are really dangerous people.”
     They were the first two criminals to pop on the screen! There were pages for each of them that included date of birth, crimes committed and many other things. I knew I wasn’t supposed to be in this room, so I got what I needed and was tiptoeing out when I heard someone walk in.
     “Dang it!” I said. I quickly crawled under the table. At least no one could see me here.
     I saw Feet walk in and then I laughed. They were super-duper tiny. Must be a little girl.
     “Wait a minute,” I whispered. That is not a little girl. That is Agent De Largo! If he catches me he could fire me. Since I was under the table for a long time, I decided to do something useful. I came up with a plan.
     “Okay, first I will throw a cup to the opposite direction, which will make De Largo look the other way while I will sneak out.” I said to myself.
     It worked perfectly and I was out in a second. I took off with my files and went to my hotel room.
     “I am sure glad to be here,” I said.
     I checked the time. “Only 3:30 p.m.,” I said. Then rrrrrrrrrr went my phone.
     “Hello?” I said.
     A voice on the on the line said, “Too late, your friends only have 45 minutes to live muahhaha.”
     “No, no, no,” I said. I have to go save them! But how with so little time. I can never do this. Wait what am I saying to myself? I have to be positive about this. Okay, the files have all of the information about the kidnap, but where did I leave them?
     “Now I remember!” I said. I left it in the bathroom. I quickly ran to the bathroom.
     “Thank the lord!, they are right here where I left them.” I said relieved. I went through the files and found the page I needed.
     “Here it is!” I said. It says that they are in Cannes.
     “Wait, Cannes is not that far from here it is only like a 20 minute drive!” I said excitedly. I quickly called a taxi to come and pick me up. When the taxi got here I ran downstairs and got in.
     “Hi!” I said. I am going to Cannes.
     “Okay,” said the taxi driver. I was very tired and ended up taking a nap the whole way there. I woke when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the taxi driver trying to wake me up. I woke up a bit startled. I had been sleeping for 20 minutes. I was so happy i was finally here. I got out of the cab and then looked at my files. It said that they were in a abandoned warehouse. I did not see it so i just kept walking straight. Then something caught my eye.
     “The warehouse!” I said happily.
     I tiptoed in and found a bunch of rooms that could have all had Nickolas and Gelin in it. Every room was locked except for one so I went inside of that one. I tiptoed inside, but I was stopped by two very big scary looking guys and that is when i realized that i was face to face with Bulldozer and Blaser. “ Oh geez!” I said frightened. Then one of them started talking.
     “Well look who we have here, Ms gracie. It is a pleasure to meet you, looks like you fell right in our little trap.” I was suddenly confused.
     “Ha Ha ha, the agency sent you to take us down, you are nothing but a chicken so prepare to feel the wrath because you are so weak and small against us big, tall muscular guys, you are never going to win!” they said.
     “You see, Gracie we all planned this out, your friends were the bait to lure you here and it worked out perfectly!” they said evilly. Now it’s your turn to feel the pain. I was so scared. Was this the last of Agent Gracie? Was it? They were coming at me with scary looks and fists. When suddenly I remembered that I always carried a taser with me. I was so relieved. When they were coming at me I immediately electrified them.
     “Ha Ha!” I said. “Now you are helpless.”
     Right when I said that Blazer got up from the floor and tripped me. I fell to the ground in pain. Then I electrified him twice and I did the same for Bulldozer. I slowly staggered up in tremendous pain and saw my friends in the distance.
     “I am so sorry Gracie.” Gelin said. They took us captive.
     “Yeah.” Nicholas said. We couldn’t do anything.
     “It’s okay,” said Gracie. I untied them from the long poles and then escaped with my friends. . When I finally got out of the abandoned warehouse. I contacted the police. They finally came on the scene and captured Bulldozer and Blaser. I got to relax in peace. After everything that happened it was all worth it. I gave my friends a big hug and I was sure that I was never going to let go of them.

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