The Plague Doctor’s Plan

By: Ale'a Sattel

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Chapter 1: Human Experiment #1

Sutart Flores had just died the night before at the age of 16 of cancer. He was just an average kid in a small Spanish household in Baltimore. He died before he could even say his last words to his girlfriend and his family.

However, a mysterious creature taking the outfit or form of an ominous plague doctor was at the works of what sounds like a miracle. He has a plan to clear out death in the world and revive everyone from their graves. This sounds like a truly heroic act, but this plan may not have the best intentions.

No one knows where this creature lives or what he sounds like. Some don’t know he exists. This creature hates death and has been working on this plan since the 1300’s. (hahaha, get it?) It is now 1994 and his first experiment for this project is on young Sutart.

Letter 1

I now have the formula and plan to clear out one’s pestilence and place their unnoticeable corpse under my control. I shall try to keep their personality and emotions therefore they do not look suspicious as still being dead. I am not sure how the underdeveloped humans will react. I could just make them forget how Sutart had died, however it would be interesting to take note on the reaction they have to young Sutart having not died. If this shall fail,  I’ll try again on another human, however to get it correct on the first human would be thrilling as I hate the death and pestilence of those humans.

-Sincerely, …


Chapter 2: “Up From the Grave”

Sutart wakes up with a bashing headache. His bones are sore and can’t move anything but his eyes. He looks around but all he can see is a blinding light. When his eyes adjust, he sees a dim-lit cabin with a man with a beaked mask standing over him. Sutart tries to get up, scream. But he can’t. Sutart stares at this plague doctor guy before he is knocked out by the creature.

Sutart wakes up with another bashing headache. However, he can see more easily. He is in the hospital room. He saw his entire family and his girlfriend, all sobbing in relief. Abuela cries, “Oh Sutart, you survived.” His mom sobbed happily, “The nurse explained your tumor had suddenly disappeared. It’s a miracle miho!” Sutart was overwhelmed with shock and confusion. He couldn’t remember why everyone’s crying and he can’t move. He couldn’t think straight, and he couldn’t feel. But, all of a sudden, he got the urge to sit up. It’s like his body just unconsciously decided to sit up despite all of the numbness in his body. Daara, his girlfriend, shouted in worry, “Babe! It’s dangerous to sit up that fast after almost dying!” The word dying made everyone start sobbing in relief again.


Chapter 3: “Not a Miracle”

When the family, Sutart, Abuela, Sutart’s mom, and his girlfriend got back to his house from the hospital, Sutart could move his body and speak without any pain. However, everything was feeling strange. He felt like he had no choice in what his body did.

When they got inside, he felt himself run up to his room unconsciously. His mom was about to yell, but Abuela said, “Let the boy rest, he almost died.” No one even understood how he survived; the doctor had said his heartbeat stopped. But everyone was too happy to question it.

When Sutart got to his room he took his wooden baseball bat from the fourth grade. He wasn’t good at baseball, but he sure did try. He didn’t understand why he took it, but he didn’t put it back. As it was 12:00 am, he went to sleep.

He woke up to just a normal morning. Cars beeping and birds chirping. It took some time to realize his entire room was almost empty. The posters of his favorite rock bands and video games weren’t there, no more lamps or the LEDs he got for Christmas. His family must have had to sell everything to pay for his hospital bills and treatment. Sutart was filled with appreciation but also guilt.

Daara, Sutart’s girlfriend, knocked on the door. “Come in,” Sutart responded. As Daara came in, Sutart gripped his hands around the baseball bat. “Breakfast is ready,” she said. Sutart’s heart started to race. Each step she took he gripped his bat tighter and tighter. He couldn’t stop himself. He lost control of his body. “No,” he thought. He was on the verge of tears, he didn’t know what he was doing. As she took her final step, he swung the bat against her head so hard it would be a miracle if she was in a coma for years. She fell to the floor. Sutart cried. He didn’t want to do this. “What have I done,” he whispered.


Letter 2

    Young Sutart was a success. I made him kill his girlfriend. I will make his young Daara under my control too, and they shall kill everyone around them. An apocalypse under my control is starting and soon this world will be mine to cause chaos upon.

Sincerely, The Plague Doctor

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