The Most Haunted Place on Earth

By: David Kaminker

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What is the most haunted place on earth? That is the question I asked Dad to day at dinner. He said that he doesn’t know. But I know. What is the most haunt ed place on earth? It’s… Ohio. So at dinner I asked Dad if we could go to Ohio.  It was break so we could go to Ohio for break. Dad said that’s a great idea. And  he actually agreed to go there. I was happy, so the next day we packed our  stuff and went to Ohio.  

When we got there, there was a big hotel so we stayed there. But we needed  snacks because hotel snacks are expensive. So we went to the closest shop to  get them. We got a lot of snacks because we were staying there for like two or  three weeks, but when we were coming out of the shop, I saw a familiar face. But  then I recognized the face. It was Logan from school, and he was with his mom.  And after a few seconds he came into a big mansion that was the size of the  hotel. Then I thought something weird to myself because I thought that Logan  was from Ohio. But that could not be real, because Logan was one of the guys  in the group, and I could not believe that he was from Ohio. And then I wanted  to prank him to see that it was actually Logan. Because Logan doesn’t fall for  pranks. So I got the bucket and the water and was ready for the prank. 

1 hour earlier… 

I needed to prank that guy that I thought was Logan. Logan doesn’t fall for  pranks so I went to the store with some cash that Dad gave me, bought a buck et and a gallon of water and got ready. I sneaked in the bushes next to the  house and waited until everyone was asleep. I crawled to the door and took  the string that I got from the store and tied it to the bucket and put it across the  door. And spilled the water in the bucket. 

The Next Morning 

The next morning, I went straight to Logan’s house. No one has walked through  the trap that I put in yesterday. But then I saw someone coming out of the house. This was the moment. Someone opened the door but it wasn’t Logan, it was his mom, but she saw the trap and nothing worked. She only got more mad. So I needed another trap. But I couldn’t think of anything. So I had to call my friend Gabe because he is my only friend except Logan.  

So I called him. I asked him the question and he gave me the perfect idea.  So he told me to print papers that said to write their name and their place of  birth, because I didn’t believe that Logan was from Ohio. So I got my laptop  and I needed to design the paper to print it at the supply store. So I made a  place for their name and their place of birth. And I went to the shop and got  50 copies of the paper and I put it next to the front door of 50 houses including  Logan’s house. But I was spying on Logan’s house because I needed the paper  from him. But while I was waiting I called Gabe to thank him for this idea. When  I finished the call I heard the door open. But it was his dad. He answered the  question fairly. So I looked at it and it said his name and his place of birth. But  the problem was it wasn’t Logan so I wasn’t fully sure it was him.  

2 hours later… 

I picked up every piece of paper and I was surprised that everyone signed it.  So for the next prank I made up it was connected with Gabe. So I called him  and told him to come to Ohio. He asked his parents and then he said yes. The  next day he was with me in the bushes next to Logan’s house. So we were waiting until Logan came out. After a few minutes Logan came out. Me and Gabe were ready to jump out. I did a countdown from three and then me and Gabe jumped out of the bushes and attacked Logan. We asked him if he was actually  Logan and he said yes.  

“Where are you from?” I asked.  

“Ohio,” Logan answered.  

“Do you know me?” I asked again.  

“Yes, of course.”  

So it was Logan and now we knew he was from Ohio. We went to the play ground to play. Then we went to my hotel to play video games. We played all the games that we knew how to play. But the next day, our parents told us that we  needed to go back home, that meant we had to go back to school.  

So the next day we were back in class. Our teacher, Ms. Wilson, asked us  where we went for break. Everyone mostly said like Miami and Florida. But then  it was my turn and I said Ohio. Then it was Gabe’s turn and he said Ohio. Then  it was Logan’s turn and he said Ohio. The teacher was very impressed that we went to such an unusual place.  

After that we went to some other lessons. And at recess we were playing soccer and then some girl came to me and asked me where Logan was from  for some reason. I said Ohio. The next day I went to school and when I walked  into the hallway there were embarrassing signs about Logan all around. They  made fun of Logan for being from Ohio. I asked Gabe what was happening, he  told me that some girl somehow knew that Logan was from Ohio and she made  signs and glued them with super glue around the school.  

And then it was time for my secret weapon: hammers. I went around the  school with my favorite thing in the world and just destroyed every poster in  the school. Then I went to that girl’s class and waited until she came out of the  class. And after the long wait I finally saw my chance and I jumped out and I  attacked her when she came out. I told her that I took off every poster around  the school and put posters about her. And she can’t do anything about it. And  that was perfect! I went to class and it was like that for the rest of the year until…  One day the posters were ripped! I knew who did it because that was the per son they were about. But the girl wasn’t there so I asked the teacher where she  was, and she said she moved to another school. I was disappointed because  my plan didn’t work.  

After school I was sad because those posters were hanging around the  school for like five or six months. But I couldn’t just leave it like that. I needed to  find her. So the next day was Saturday and I needed to find that girl. So I asked  mom to go for a walk but I wasn’t going for a walk. I was going to find that girl.  After like 30 minutes of walking, I finally saw her in her backyard playing with  her dad. That’s when I saw my chance. I knocked on the gate and ran away.  When she opened the gate, I grabbed her and tugged her to me. I asked her  why she moved out of the school and she said that she did not like that school  and moved out. Then I put her back in her backyard and ran away. When I got  home I ran up to my room and just played video games for the rest of the day.  But then I heard a knock on the door. I opened it. I was scared it was that girl  again but it was Gabe. He told me he had some weird and exciting news. The  weird news was that Logan hurt his ankle. And the exciting news was that the  girl moved back to our school!  

So on Monday it was time for my revenge. After school, I beat her to her  house and I had two signs that said “annoying girl in this house.” And I put them  on each side of the gates with arrows that pointed to her entrance. I hid behind  a car. After like 30 minutes, she showed up in her driveway. She saw the arrows  and ripped them in two pieces. But then suddenly Logan showed up and beat  her up. I think she got knocked out, so I’m gonna finish this here. 

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