The Dragons of Elements

The world was being consumed before my eyes.  There was nothing I could do. My fellow dragons of elements would be gone. The universe would be unstable, and the job the goddess gave me could not go on. 

Wait a second, you don’t even know what’s happening. Do you? Well, just in case, I will start at the beginning. Most stories start at the beginning. The goddess of time created a blank book. She wanted more excitable stories, so she created the elements. Fire, water, earth, and wind. In order for the universe to be stable, the elements needed protectors. So the goddess made us. Five dragons, to protect the universe. I know you are wondering, What? Why is there a 5th dragon? But just GIVE ME A MINUTE! Sorry, I have a bit of a temper. That is not something I am proud of. Anyway, lets get on with the protecters. My friend, Boitata, protects the fire. Coral, protects the water. Gust protects the wind. Nature, protects the earth. And the goddess made me. I am her reincarnation, the dragon of time. I make a lot of mistakes, so everyone calls me Oblivion. But you can’t tell anyone about us, or what we started with will come sooner. But one day, a clumsy adventurer tripped over my tail. Just so you know, the adventurer was a human. We get a lot of different animals, like squirrels or raccoons. I woke up from my deep sleep, in which I had to assemble time. I yawned, and the human set off running to the nearest hiding spot. 

“Hello?” I asked, hoping for a response. 

“You can talk?” The exceptionally brave human stammered. 

“Yes. I don’t want to hurt you. My name is Oblivion.” I said. There was no response. “Oh no, oh no, oh no!” I shouted. I looked behind the rock he was hiding behind, and nobody was there. He had left. I saw the stars exploding before my eyes, water, earth, fire, and wind. My friends came over. Coral shouted,“What do we do?”

“Nothing. If we have to die, I would rather die alongside you guys.” I said and I settled down to watch the world leave beneath my shining eyes. 

There is one thing you can do. Look inside everyone’s eyes. 

“What? Who is this? Why are you in my head?” Oblivion asked out loud, eyes closed.

 “Oblivion? Are you ok?” Boitata asked. 

“Yes,” she looked in his eyes. She saw pure helpfulness. “I need to find the goddess of time.”

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