The Clock People

A clockmaker once told me, 

“Clocks have feelings too” 

and I believed him. 

Then I went home and looked at my clock, it looked as if he, the clock, was waiting for 

something amazing to happen, so, I waited with him. 

At 7:25, he was sad 

at 9:15, he was bored 

and at 10:10, he was happy. 

The child of the seconds started doing his daily routine, running as the minute father was in his routine of taking an endless walk, 

and hour Grandpa, trudging 

along the sidewalk. 

I sat there for hours, 

waiting for them 

to tell me something. 

Then I realized, 

they were in their own world… the clock. 

Could we be strapped on 

someone’s wrist too?

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