The Beauty in My Gender

By: Lillian Scher

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Hi my name is Lillian, and I will be talking about the beauty in my gender.

I, as a girl, am often told that I am supposed to be pretty, beautiful, and cute. But I worry that I am not these things. I worry that people will not like me because I am not “girly” enough.

Some people assume that to be a girl you have to be pretty, beautiful, and cute in a stereotypical way. I am not one of those girls who loves pink and dresses. I am Lillian, the girl that loves blue and shirts and pants. I have lots of friends who do not fit the typical labels of “girls.” So why do those people who made these assumptions up still say that girls have to be beautiful?

Now let me tell you a story about my hair. One day I looked at myself in the mirror. I noticed my hair and then remembered my friends with their beautiful straight hair. Oh how I loved it, then I thought and thought. And for a long time I straightened my hair with my hand and let me tell you it was never the same. It was not the same as the beautiful curly hair I loved because it made me, well me.

Looks are something I have always worried about, But now I realize I am beautiful. I have cute curly hair that makes me unique, not one of those straight haired girls , I have great clothes, I am an amazing artist who is also a writer and actor. When I draw it releases the stress that I have of thinking I am not beautiful.  When I act I am someone different with different problems so I know I am beautiful. And when I write about adventures that are made up, out of the ordinary. I forget the things worrying me and I forget I am thinking I am not beautiful.

This topic lets people know you do not have to be stereotypically beautiful to be a girl!  This has inspired me to let people know that girls are girls there is no beauty in that.

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