The Battle for TurtleLand

A New Day

Johnny the Turtle woke up on his comfy bed, with the sun shining outside his window. Johnny the Turtle and Water, after recently saving TurtleLand from disaster, is relaxing after a long day of work. Of course, that isn’t long-lived, but there seems to be something wrong.

“I am pretty sure that something should be happening,” sensed Johnny the Turtle.

“Meh, I don’t know about it,” replied Water, who was in the newly built hammock. They had recently revamped their home, with some new fancy furniture. The SWF, or Special Worm Force, had called them when they found giant roots in the surface of the soil, which was a sign that a giant plant had plowed through the land. 

The next morning, Johnny and Water had packed up their supplies and were ready to leave Shell City for an area near Turtlepolis, a major city in Shellnu, TurtleLand. Driving out of Shell City was quite the experience. Interstate 23 led them out of Shell City, Turtled to Turtroit, Tortol. During Interstate 23, they were led through the wilderness of southern Turtled and shortly passed the border to the next state, Loggertor. Water had somehow managed to bring his mushroom reindeer, which helped them fight the giant creatures that almost destroyed TurtleLand, to Turt, Loggertor, with one of the SWF soldiers. The SWF also gave them a bigger vehicle to hit the road with now a SWF soldier, a squad of mushroom reindeer, Johnny the Turtle, and Water. It didn’t take them long to pass the Little Seaside State to Laketle. There, they settled in a motel located in Arrop, Laketle. It had been a long day of driving, but halfway through Johnny had given up the driver’s seat for the SWF soldier. 

When they got to the site, they were met with Sergeant Worm, who helped them fight the evil plants. They entered into the Turtlepolis wilderness, a thick evergreen forest. Further into the trees, they found the giant roots in the ground. Green twisted vines covered the root and weeds covered the surface. The SWF quickly started to slash at the root. But suddenly, a massive groan was heard echoing through the forest. The SWF swiftly stopped the slashing, and evacuated to the vehicles. The armoured plant hunting vehicles pulled away from the clearing and drove into battle positions. The many tanks and special modified tanks got ready to fire as the trees were toppled. A huge vine swept out from the forest and all the tanks fired. The blast destroyed the vine as two others replaced the blown one. A rumble shook the ground as Johnny the Turtle saw a giant cucumber. The cucumber rose from the forest and grew a few more vines. It then proceeded to try to grab onto the ground. With a few more attacks on the cucumber, it quickly slammed its vines on the ground, shaking Johnny the Turtle and Water. 

The standoff quickly turned into a battle. Sharp spines pierced the soil while the SWF opened fire. The mushroom reindeer went into battle with upgrades to the acid. The new acid was found when a worm tending to the mushroom reindeer discovered a slaughtered giant zucchini seed in the ground, with flakes of roasted and purple zucchini roots. The SWF then extracted the zucchini seed and found a difference between the old one and the new excavated one. It showed more power and produced a new acid named formacillyn, as found by Dr. Dirt R. Slimy in his research on the acid. 

“Huh, well look at that, looks like the mushroom reindeer acid.” said one of the SWF extraction team members, E-34. 

“Just hurry up with this, I think we need another pump here.” replied E-11, pumping out the acid and looking over her arms, checking to make sure no acid was staining the biosuit.

“C’mon guys, get Slimy here.” yelled E-24, rubbing his hands.

“Alright, what do we have here?” Dr. Slimy asked.

“Appears to be traces of MR-5’s new acid update.Bring it over to E-32, he will handle it.” E-11 told Dr. Slimy. Formacillyn also proved a greater effectiveness as weed killer, but Dr. Slimy still stated that it also kills your gardening plants as well. So now the mushroom reindeer has new and more powerful acid. 

Anyways, as the battle raged on, the mushroom reindeer started to fire their new acid and tore away the vines of the giant cucumber. It screamed in pain and rage as its newly developed thorn burned away. Eventually, the cucumber slowly melted away while the SWF kept shooting cabbages, which there was an overabundance of. After the somewhat brief battle, they went to the new SWF outpost, in the thick forests of Shellbuck National Park. The pine trees opened into a clearing where Outpost 2 was located. They drove up to the entrance and walked to the mission briefing room. 


The Briefing

The room had Sergeant Worm and Dr. Slimy, who were waiting for Johnny the Turtle and Water, with more turtles and worms. 

“Hello, uh, I would like to make an announcement about the new threat of more giant plants,” Dr. Slimy announced. “The giant plants can hopefully be controlled with the discovery of formacillyn,” he concluded. “It was first found wh-” 

“Yeah I think everyone knows, Dirt.” mumbled one of the worms.

“But how will we ever get rid of the giant plants destroying our city?” Sergeant Worm asked, reviewing his papers.

The room quickly became quiet, even Dr. Slimy was fidgeting with his pen, clicking it.

Finally, Water spoke, “We would have to find the source of all this mess!”

The entire room murmured with the new idea. Dr. Slimy stopped clicking his pen and pushed up his glasses. “That’s a new idea, any more ideas on this?” Dr. Slimy asked. The room became quiet. 

“We should probably focus on Water’s option,”  said Johnny the Turtle. 

As the room emptied, Johnny and Water went to the main control room, with screens filling the front wall. The computers that lined the floor flashed images of giant plants in the past.

“So, where were they first discovered?” Water questioned. 

“I’m still looking for the first encounter,” replied Dr. Slimy. “Commander Slither, search the plant files.”

“On it, Slimy.” Commander Slither quickly rushed off. The command computer was crowded with worms and turtles. 

“There’s a break room in hallway B, go to the left, and enjoy a snack if you want.” Dr. Slimy blurred out. Water and Johnny the Turtle quickly followed Dr. Slimy’s instructions. When they got to the break room, they treated themselves to strawberries and seaweed. Johnny got some more seaweed and strawberries while watching “Pet Cactus Drinks Water.” He remembered Mr. Prickles at home and how Mr. Prickles the cactus was still guarding Shell City. When the both of them got back to the command room, Commander Slither, Sergeant Worm, and Dr. Slimy were sitting around a computer. 

“We found out about the first sighting, in 1920. Farmers discovered large roots underground while plowing fields,” Dr. Slimy read.

“The farmers had mistaken it for a pipe, so they left it alone,” Sergeant Worm added. The computer flashed images of roots that actually looked quite similar to a  pipe…

A flat farm rested near hills of sprawling farmland. A farmer worm came over and saw a root in the ground.

“Hey Shelly, check this out!” A worm called out with a shovel in his hands. Another worm rushed out and peered into the hole.

“What is that, Dad?” Shelly asked.

“Well, I suggest it’s just an old pipe, nothing to worry about young squirt, now go back to the house, I think dinner’s ready.” Dad replied, covering up the hole.

“We hypothesize that the similar appearance to an artificial pipe might be the cause of somebody, or a group,” Dr. Slimy explained. Johnny murmured and Commander Slither curled his tail. The building shook. Then, red lights started to flash violently as alarms sounded.

 “CODE RED! PLANT ATTACK! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!” The worms in the control room put on their headphones and commanded the helicopters outside. 

Commander Slither suddenly stood up and rushed to hallway C. 


The Battle

The noises outside sounded like gunfire and root slicing. Johnny the Turtle and Water sprinted to hallway B and followed the exit signs to the entrance. Water quickly ducked as a scrap of burning metal flew past them. They were met with waves of giant plants and flames engulfing the land. The helicopters fired their cabbages and destroyed one of the giant spinach plants, which fell to the ground with a splat. Johnny quickly kicked one of the crawling vines and Water called the mushroom reindeer for the biggest battle ever. Two giant plants went for Johnny the Turtle, and he sliced them with his turtle might. The mushroom reindeer took to the skies and shot their poison pellets at the giant cabbage. 

“Quickly, Get the plants!” Johnny shouted. The cabbage swiftly activated its shield, but it was no avail to the cabbage eating worms. 

But then, a giant flash knocked back all the worms, and the giant plants overpowered them with cucumber vines, squash and lettuce beams, and a beetroot wall. The only giant plant they had on their side was a basil sprout located in Outpost 8, which was still being grown. 

“We need to retreat into Sector 3! The plants are destroying our defence worms!” Johnny the Turtle yelled. The battle had quickly devastated the SWF, with the plants exploding generators and worms.


Under Attack

A dim light shone as all of the remaining turtles and worms huddled up for a battle meeting.

“We can’t hold up any longer, we are being pushed by the plant forces in the east, and having to divert our troops to the hill for support,” Commander Slither demanded. 

The room fell silent with rumbling from a pipe. 

“Anyways, we have a message from Outpost 8, in the Turfront Desert,” Dr. Slimy piped up. The message stated, “Arriving backup worm troops: 23 helicopters, 12 cabbage tanks, 1 giant basil plant, and 67 worms. ETA 3 days.” 

“Welp, we have some time to kill.” Water stated. Johnny the Turtle looked down, as he wondered the fate of TurtleLand from the giant plants. Dr. Slimy slithered over to a projector and turned it on. 

“We need a plan if the giant plants decide to break into this high security bunker. Luckily, we do have 3 exits built into the bunker. Additionally, lots of safety measures were created, such as an airlock at exit 2, a contamination room, a maximum protection vault door on each exit, and an emergency service vent, any questions?” 

A couple of hands shot up.

“What if all the exits are blocked by plants, including the emergency service vent?” Sergeant Worm asked, eating seaweed with Johnny the Turtle.

“Then that probably is not possible, seeing as it’s almost impossible to block all of those doors,” Dr. Slimy replied. 

All hands went down as soon as he said that. Sergeant Worm and Johnny both finished eating and followed Water to the security room at the front entrance, explosions blasted the air with wires and equipment. A shake in the structure all scared Johnny, Water, and Sergeant Worm, who all jumped when the lights went out. Water turned on his flashlight and creaked open the door, hoping for a jumpscare. Instead he found Commander Slither, shining a flashlight back.

“Gee, I went looking for you guys!” Commander Slither exclaimed. The lights turned back on, and Johnny the Turtle squinted at the blinding light. They all went back to the meeting room, where turtles and worms were getting bandaged. 

“At least the generators were fixed. We had to delay a surgery.” Dr. Slither sighed in relief. The lights suddenly went down again, which made all of them jump at the same time. It was around the 3rd day when the lights came back on, and a giant plant came crashing down onto the roof.

“Everyone! Remember the exits and do not panic!” Dr. Slimy shouted.

Everyone panicked and ran into the many hallways. Johnny the Turtle and Water both ran into a hallway, and looked behind them as the concrete bunker got destroyed behind them. Pounds of soil collapsed and the lights went out.

“Keep running! We can make it to exit 2!” Johnny shouted. 

“What? How did you find out?” Water yelled back.

“I just studied the map during the blackout!” Johnny shouted, looking behind, “With a flashlight!” He added

him as more soil came pouring down. 

They got to exit 2 just in time as a massive root slammed the concrete, shaking Johnny and Water. They both got into the airlock and looked around. The ground seemed pretty quiet, but a loud sound shook the air. A leafy vine snatched Johnny and groaned when Water hit him with a stick. A darkness engulfed Johnny as he screamed in terror. He fell into a hole, and ended up in a home. He went inside and opened the door. Inside there was Dr. Bob, three giant plants, and a worm.


Face of Terror

He looked closely at all of them, and he noticed that all of the giant plants seemed unrecognizable. “You have been deceived,” Dr. Bob said. He walked over to Johnny, and faced him with a blank face. The worm then swung his worm tail.

“For years, we have known the presence of the power of our enemies,” The worm explained. Johnny then woke up, unaware, and looked around. He saw Water picking him up and rushing him to a helicopter. 

He got up and said, “I know about the plants.” 

Johnny told all the worms and turtles and with the reinforcements, they battled the plants until they retreated to the portal when the SWF followed them. 

They were met with swarms of plants, as one of the giant plants that Johnny saw walked towards him, “You have fallen for one of our traps, prepare to be pricked by your own cactus.” 

He called up one of the plants, and held up the cage with the cloth over it. Then, the cloth was pulled and in it was Mr. Prickles! Mr. Prickles screeched as one of his pricks was taken off by a tweezer. 

“Noo! You can’t do that!” Johnny shouted. He started clenching his flippers, and the Special Worm Forces waited for orders. 


The Final Enemy

Suddenly, they were transported to an apartment where Johnny saw Dr. Bob in before. The background seemed to change to a forest before Johnny and Water knew it. 

“We are the plant council, and you have to be-” A giant plant was cut off by a slash to one of its vines. It screamed as the giant basil plant slashed using its leaves. Then, all of the giant plants started to attack. The SWF opened fire with turtles fighting off the tangling vines, and Johnny got onto a giant cucumber. Water blew a whistle for his mushroom reindeer, and worms ran into their helicopters. The helicopters took off, and fired steaming cabbages and hit a zucchini in the face, even if it had a face. Suddenly, a huge roar echoed through the land. A gigantic monstrosity of mud, dirt, and organic substance fired out from a crater in the ground. The beast blew out an oozing substance with nacho cheese in its pores. 

“The council has spoken! Hail the cheese bringer!” the plants shouted.

The monster began pouring layers of that oozing cheese with turtles being drowned in sticky nacho cheese. Blasting cheese would have been a leading cause for the loss of the tanks and helicopters, but then worms and turtles were being flung around. Luckily for the worms, they were able to tunnel their way to the surface. On the ground, or somewhat ground. The turtles staggered to their feet as plants attacked them. The cheese suddenly started to drain, leaving turtles uncovered in the cheese. The cheese monster appeared to have a giant slash, as Johnny saw the basil plant, which just slashed through the center of the beast. 

“I know what you mean, but you must die!” The cheese monster slashed off one of the basil plants stems.

“Take this!” A giant rocket fired into the cheese monster and it staggered to the ground, oozing nacho cheese. 

“Nooo!” The cheese monster melted away, leaving a corpse of cheese and flesh. 

“Did you see that?” Sergeant Worm fired another rocket at the giant plant monsters, completely obliterating it. In a flash, Johnny quickly fought off a giant plant with razor sharp leaves with his turtle strength. But then, a glowing orb of yellow energy all shuddered Johnny and he felt his spine tingle. A  giant orb seemed to be a cabbage god, and battled the basil plant. 

“You dare oppose me? The great lord and truth of the plants? You are nothing but a mortal, for I am the great warrior of Dr-” A giant rumble blasted the cabbage into a blue shape. The giant god cabbage looked at Johnny the turtle and ran after him. Johnny tried to fight back and was flung into the ground with a smashing punch by the cabbage. He staggered and slapped the cabbage, which took one of its leaves off. Johnny blacked out and was sent deep into a void. He thought and imagined a turtle flying through the air, before stumbling down into a pit of blinding light with orange hues. Once he woke up, The giant cabbage crumbled as it got an A+ slash through the center.

“Huh, it seems the basil plant knows how to defeat giant organic creatures bigger than us,” remarked Dr. Slimy. 

“No! The life source of the great truth! Remember the sacrifice! Charge!” said one of the plants, trembling. All the plants charged at the worms and turtles, but were repelled by the mushroom reindeer’s squirts of acid. A portal door opened and all of them exited the dimension and back into the SWF base. 

“Home sweet home, I guess this is the end of an adventure,” Water said, staring at the trees. The SWF, Johnny, and Water went over to the ruins, and looked over a cliff. 

“I think we should go, it’s been a time,” Johnny spoke to Commander Slither.

“Let’s have a party, I mean, we just defeated a giant cheese bringer of the plants,” Sergeant Worm replied to Johnny. 

“Okay then, let’s go!” Johnny shouted as he ran off to the camper vans set up. 



Johnny, Water, Commander Slither, Sergeant Worm, and Dr. Slimy all returned to the makeshift camper van base to party. Worms bought snacks from the nearby grocery store, and turtles set up the party tables and bowls. Johnny ate some of the strawberries, and a few of the seaweed snacks. 

“I think it’s long overdue for our SWF chief, and now we have a celebration for Sergeant Worm!” Commander Slither shouted. The SWF soldiers looked around. 

“Thank you, commander,” Sergeant Worm said. 

“We would like to promote Sergeant Worm, the chief of the SWF, to the role of chief of the SWF!”

“Heh,” said Commander Slither, with a microphone. “Sergeant Worm showed excellent leadership. He also helped the SWF win multiple victories in our effort to stop the evil plants.” 

“It is my honor, to lead the SWF into the future,” Sergeant Worm promised.

Worms cheered and Sergeant Worm, the founder of the SWF, was finally chief. Both Johnny and Water parted ways with the SWF and they set off back to Shell City, with Mr. Prickles. Mr. Prickles somehow managed to escape the madness of the battle, but turns out he escaped the cage by picking the lock with its dropped prickle. He then proceeded to take the stash of premium fertilizer for the giant god cabbage, which helped the basil plant defeat the warrior of the council and the plants, and made its way to the helicopters. 

“What a smart cactus, have some water,” said Johnny as he watered the ever growing cactus. Meanwhile in Outpost 2, the SWF base, plant files were being typed rapidly with documents rolling off the printers. Sergeant Slither and a group of special SWF Task  Force soldiers are writing up a report on the Giant Cabbage God:







The entity, which was discovered in the incident report 3-23-19-20 exhibits unusual giant cabbage behaviors, such as a glowing light source emitting from the enemy. Luckily, SWF BASIL-001 was able to combat the Giant Cabbage God and kill him. Although, we have found that a special supply of “Bob’s Famous Fertilizer” was helping it stay alive. Once the fertilizer had been removed, the Giant Cabbage God crumbled into pieces. This document may be edited in the future if deemed necessary.


Commander Slither issued an incident report of the monster and plant attack: 



Authorized by the SWF Committee on Incidents



TYPE: Organic Attack

LOCATION: Unconfirmed


OBJECTS: Confirmed plants include giant cabbages, zucchinis, tomatoes, lettuce, and other giant organic organisms.

DETAILS: The dimension in which we entered the portal was a mysterious space in which we proceeded to attack. SWF troops were allowed to engage and plants were armed with vines. A roughly 30 meter tall cheese monster was reported during the battle, exhibiting an odor equal to that of McTurtles “Organic Pure Cheese” found in foods made by the corporation. A team of SWF soldiers is investigating the odor. Dr. Dirt R. Slimy is leading the research. Task Force E-4 is clear for extracting McTurtles specimens for testing. Although, this cheese seems to be a special collector’s cheese, dating back to 1967. 9 SWF E-4 soldiers are stationed, with 15 S-3 “Valkyries” SWF soldiers. The document may be edited in the future if deemed necessary.


E-4 “Red Rangers” EXTRACTION LOG:

E-4 “Red Rangers” are getting ready to extract McTurtles “Organic Pure Cheese” from a local McTurtles, which was abandoned in 1966. All troops are equipped with night and heat goggles and  should proceed with caution. Note that this McTurtles was abandoned due to multiple giant plants. Additionally, Task Force S-3 “Valkyries” is on guard.



Slim (Commander)

Crawler (Sergeant)

Slimey (Lieutenant)

Noodle (Lieutenant)

Night (Corporal)

Dragon (Corporal)

Wiggle (Corporal)

Wormy (Private)

Cuddles (Private)


Slim- “Alright guys, Dragon, Slimey, and Wiggle are part of breach team A. You extract the McTurtles cheese through the main entrance. Wormy, Night, and Cuddles take the service door. You are part of breach team B. Me, Noodle, and Crawler will be on guard until either B or A get the cheese and we can go back smoothly. Luckily, Task Force S-3 will provide support if we need help.

Breach team A and B go to their assigned entrances and breach the abandoned McTurtles. 



Slimey- “Okay, we got in, lets go!”

Dragon- “Oh my slime, look at this!”

Slimey- “I know, this place is really creepy.”

Wiggle- “C’mon, lets get some of that weird cheese.”

Dragon- “I’m surprised that this abandoned fast food place is creepy.”

Slimey- “Aren’t all abandoned places creepy?”

Wiggle- “I found the cheese!”

Dragon- “Nice, let’s now extract it.”

Slimey- “Okay, let’s get out.”

Breach Team A has successfully extracted the specimen



Cuddles- “We have breached in, let’s find it.”

Night- “Okay, entered the kitchen.”

Wormy- “Gosh, it’s dark and dirty over here.”

Night- “Checking the cabinets, we are clear.”

Cuddles- “Roger that, proceeding to extract specimens.”

Wormy- “Am I seeing something?”

Cuddles- “What is it?”

Night- “Are you seeing things?”

Cuddles- “No, I am definitely not seeing things.”

Wormy- “Yep, I see it too. I think that uh-”

Night- “Oh my… run!”

Breach team B got out just in time before we saw an entity, S-3 began to fire from the helicopters.

Slim- “Is that who i think it is?”



The Hazard Level and Classification

Chief Worm, the leader of the SWF, has begun classifying entities based on their danger and state. Chief Worm used to be Sergeant Worm, who watched the informational videos and said that, “It’s pretty boring for boring people, but you just have to watch it,” to new SWF recruits. This is what the Hazard Level and Classification is used for, for dummies.


HAZARD LEVEL: The hazard level indicates how dangerous it is, from green to crimson

GREEN: Not dangerous

YELLOW: Poses minimal threat

ORANGE: Threat to some units, should be contained

RED: Poses threat. Must contain or kill

CRIMSON: Has a threat to the world. Must be destroyed or killed in anyway


CLASSIFICATION: The classification indicates the state it is in, consisting of the Greek alphabet.


Alpha: Alive and uncontained

Beta: Alive and contained

Gamma: Alive and escaped containment

Delta: Alive and uncontained for benefit

Epsilon: Alive and contained for benefit

Zeta: Alive and growing

Eta: Injured and uncontained

Theta: Injured and contained

Iota: Injured and escaped containment

Kappa: Injured and uncontained for benefit

Lambda:Injured and contained for benefit

Mu: Injured and growing

Nu: Injured and healing

Xi: Nearly dead and uncontained

Omicron: Nearly dead and contained

Pi: Nearly dead and escaped containment

Rho: Nearly dead and uncontained for benefit

Sigma: Nearly dead and contained for benefit

Tau: Nearly dead and growing

Upsilon: Nearly dead and healing

Phi: Slowly weakening

Chi: Slowly healing

Psi: Weakened

Omega: Dead


To be Continued…


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