SWL Exquisite Corpse #3

I asked my 9-year-old son which dance routine he liked the most, and he replied, “The last one, where all the girls’ boobs were jiggling.”

I told him “You’ve been watching too much TikTok. Your algorithm is messed up. From now on, no more TikTok.”

The child got upset and threw a tantrum.

Sadly she was alone.

Even the beetles had scampered away, not that they would have been helpful as firefighters, anyway.

After the dam destroyed the fire and cleared out the town.

It was left abandoned for decades and forgotten until one fateful day.

The day dawned cool but hazy, the sight and smell of the smoke from distant fires made palpable by the rising sun.

Relieved to finally have some reprieve from the oppressive haze of the previous days, she set out to buy a fresh bouquet for the entryway.


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