SWL Exquisite Corpse #1

An avocado took a walk. “What a nice day,” it said.

As the sun beat down, the avocado turned into guacamole.

The guacamole seemed okay at first glance, but I noticed a sort of odd smell coming from it.

So I decided to try it, and it was actually delicious, fruity, salty, and citrusy. I wanted more!

Who would have imagined that pickled eyeballs could taste so damn good?

Christine slowly lowered her martini glass from her chapped lips, confused by the karate moves occurring around her.

In an effort to feel included, Christine threw the glass at one of the participants.

The drink dripped off her face as she stared back, shocked at what had just happened.

She stared at the guests as the sweet spirit countered her blush of being enraged, staining her countenance red.


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