SWL Cursed Object #8

Where did it come from? How did it become cursed?

This object came from a male bluebird. Specifically a bird that found its nest and partner outside my grandmother’s house in Potomac, Michigan. It was the neighbor that cursed it – a jealous neighbor who found my Grandma’s garden too wild for the neighborhood.

What malevolent power does it have?

This feather kills what it touches. Particularly things that are smaller than a bird – plants, flowers, seeds, roots, and baby mice are all at risk. Its malevolent power is combined with magical flight so it can target other offensive overgrowth.

Write the story of the last person who touched it.

This feather made its way to Chicago – the big city! Its powers of flight brought it to the land of tall shiny architectural feats. While the gardens were few, all of the trees on Lakeshore Drive lost their leaves. That is, until…



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