SWL Cursed Object #11

Where did it come from? How did it become cursed?

Those babies are from Shrewsbury, Vermont. The mountains were covered in frozen acid rain. They were buried in it.

What malevolent power does it have?

The main power is Icy Wind once the subject goes near it. 

Write the story of the last person who touched it.

A mild-mannered veteran businessman visited in the mountains a newly bought, mortgaged, free vacation house with 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 dining rooms, an entertainment room, a patio and swimming pool, a living room, a kitchen, a basement, a backyard, and a dressing room. 75,000 square feet with all parts combined. Tired after a relentless 7-hour ride on Amtrak, he began limping towards the stairs from the entrance door. At the living room he dragged his black, well-worn Capital dress shoes on each step. Those numb knees felt like he had jet-lag, but without the plane ride. 4 minutes later he was on the top level after 2 flights of stairs. He opened the left door of the bedroom and the first thing he saw was a king-sized bed. He ran like an olympian sprinter getting first place in Brazil. He leaped and winced mid-air as he prepared for impact. He crashed like an airplane, face-first on the pillow. The rest of the body planked on the softest comforter he had ever felt in his life. He remained in that position for 3 minutes. Then he turned over his body, facing the ceiling and the fan hanging from it. He noticed a red orange color shading the ceiling fan. It’s sunset, he thought. 2 minutes later, he felt a sudden chill in his shoes. Seconds later, on his knees– seconds later his thighs– seconds later his private regions and abdomen. His chest, his arms, hands, face, eyes, brain. The home status changed abruptly. He started to burn all over. With so much effort, he moved his neck up and down, since that was the only thing he could move. With a confused expression, he squinted at the 2 baby dolls. One was biting his left calf. While the other was floating inside a capsule.  He grimaced with his eyes tightly shut from the pain. “What the? Is this what 5,000,000 dollars feels like?” he thought. After that he froze, fully dressed: His black trench coat he had bought at the New York city thrift shop. His gray Alfani business suit. His navy blue JanSport bookbag. His red Ford Mustang Breitling watch. His cubic zirconia studs. His bald head. His crows’ feet. Eyes covered in snow. A cruel summer that just ended for a law-abiding citizen. Not every good person is lucky in Shrewsbury, Vermont. It was only 25 degrees outside.


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