SWL Cursed Object #10

Where did it come from? How did it become cursed?

It came from Northwest 3rd Street, between 60th and 61st avenues. Rogelia, my alcoholic, self-hating boyfriend, hit a blue-jay with his 187 Camaro. The object hovered in front of us for a moment and he laughed.

What malevolent power does it have? 

When having sex with someone you are aware that they won’t stick around till morning, or alternatively will overstay their welcome. The blue plumage drops onto their nose, or he, seemingly out of nowhere, sneezes and kills the mood. 

Write the story of the last person who touched it.

Mildred thought Biff had potential. [They were cuddling one night] when she caught it out of the corner of her eye. The dreaded plumage that came to rest directly on his nose. Before she could stop it, Biff let out a moan – then sneezed so hard she was covered in a torrent of snot. The next day she deleted her Tinder account.


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