Status Quo

The pixies say, “you may only fly,”

They race in endless games,

But those who cannot rise above,

Are told to stand in flames.


The dragons say, “own treasure troves,”

And battle for the best,

But those with no coins to their name,

Will fall beneath the rest.


The changelings say, “you must blend in,”

And infiltrate their lives,

But those who can’t help but stand out,

Are then chased out with knives.


The centaurs say, “may every arrow 

find its golden path,”

But if one should miss a target,

They then are faced with wrath.


The imps say, “be mischievous,

Mischievous as can be,”

But if one were to offer assistance,

They would then be forced to flee.


While not all these may be true,

I have a question small, mind you,

Anyone of any status, be it high or low,

What should happen to them, if they defy the status quo?

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