I age 

I don’t look for anything, 

for I cannot see 

I smell nothing 

I touch dirt and air 

I feel my roots and the roots of all redwoods when one tree dies, 

all trees feel it 

it is hard when time flies 

I think about the day that I will die 

I have been here all my life 

all around me, things live and things die yet, I remain 

I grow bigger yet each winter I slip into the void, between life and death 

I wake up from my comas and more life comes I am part of the redwoods around me far and near, I know them all 

each day I long to move 

yet, I cannot 

I try to invent a solution 

to the ever-coming problem of pollution I love the fresh sea air, rolling off the hills I fear the poachers who want my wood I dream of peace and quiet 

and I know the patterns of history

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