By: Paloma Boyewa-Osborne

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My name is Paloma my pronouns are she/they and I’m going to be talking about how punk is apart of my identity

Punk is a big part of my life. I got in to the punk culture though the music. I found out about it though the Sex Pistols,the sex pistol is a punk band that started in 1975 and had a big influenceon the punk scene. Once I found out about them, I did research on the punk scene and realized that it’s more them fashion, and it’s more than music.

Punk is also a movement. It a form of anarchy it allows you to identify to your true self it a lifestyle.

Like with all positive things, negative stereotypes must follow and are everywhere I’ve experienced them my entire life the moment that you are born there are all really labels waiting upon you. I live in a primary black area, but when I go out in my spiked studs and platforms, I’m judge, even by other black people in my own community. With being black and punk, there is a stereotype of being white washed or “acting white.” Once you choose to be anything else but the norm you are seen as you are in the wrong like to negative batteries with being punk you have the stereotype of be evil or being on drugs or satanic yet when I go to a primary white community it a whole other experience. I am not just being judged because of my appearance.
Rather, you also become you skin being punk is one this it’s a choice but being labeled by the color of my skin is something I can’t control though with all these stereotypes being put upon me everyday I go against them.

As I continue to grow, I will continue to be true to myself and rewrite the life that was set for me using punk culture as an influence.

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