Problems in Chemistry

By: Lucy Flack

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I am in a calm, peaceful,(but LOUD) chemistry lab full of long, white tables. I am putting tears of a red bull in a test tube of gator sweat when my boss, Badger Possum, comes in and shouts, “Chemist Frances Badger, we have a problem!” The test tube crashes to the floor.

Oh, I’m Frances Badger and I’m a chemist of an extreme level and it has a bunch of problems!! This time, it was an exploding missile and a red hot arrow!

“Oh, could it get any worse?” I ask. But it does.

“Taco Dragon has captured the RARE Golden Diamond,” says my personal assistant, Gloria Badger. (She is also my sister!)

Writing that down, I say, “OMG really?! I have a lot to do ALREADY!!”

“Yikes, calm down,” Gloria says. “Take five deep breaths. One…two…three…four…five!”

Gloria and I have a deep conversation about what to do. Then, we pack up to go to the location of the exploding missile. I pack my portable chemistry set, my archery set, extra clothes, AND my ring with my birthstone turquoise on it.

The next day, we head to Apple Orchard’s BIG barn. (The biggest.) I get out my chemistry set and set a timer for 20 minutes.

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