Pop-Man 2

By: Diego Benitez

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Pop-Man was a normal popcorn popper…but not. He could talk and control electricity. However, his rival, Radiation Man (a microwave), self-destructed and destroyed the Earth, and everyone/every appliance on it. However, a piece of his metal survived. But, he couldn’t move, was in the middle of space, and had no powers. What will happen to him? We don’t know, but read (or listen to) this story to find out!

Chapter 1: Space… Pirates?

“I’ve always wanted to go to space…but I wasn’t expecting to arrive here this way,” Pop-Man said. He was just a little stick of metal in an endless abyss. Then, a giant ship appeared. Then an even bigger ship appeared, going super fast, and rammed straight through it. The bigger ship looked like it was spray-painted red, and had crossbone flags all over, and giant bull horns on the front. It also had spikes all over the bottom and sides. It sucked in the remains of the other big ship, and also sucked in the remains of Pop-Man. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,” he said, then everything went black. (As in Pop-Man couldn’t see, not because it’s space.)

When he woke up, he was on a conveyor belt, and two human-shaped robots were searching through the remains of the ship. Once they got to him, Pop-Man leaped up and started repeatedly smacking one of the robots on the head. “Talk about hard-headed!” he said.

Once he started to make a dent, the other robot noticed him, unlike the robot he was smacking, who was still doing his job. The other robot tried to karate chop Pop-Man, but ended up slicing his partner in half! “Oh no.” The robot said. Then he ran over to a random corner, and all of his parts collapsed.

“Well, at least they didn’t self-destruct like my other enemy…” Pop-Man said. He hopped over to a corner and started repairing himself. It took almost ten minutes, but by the time he was done, he was a shiny, silver popcorn popper! He checked to see if his powers were back, and they were! He was about to leave, but then he saw that the pirates had found him, and they were all robots as well.

Chapter 2: The Return of Radiation Man

“ARRRRRRRRRRRR! Yeah I know, I know, I’m not very good at talking like a pirate. But I still am, and you are not allowed on this ship!” The captain pulled out his sword and electric whip. He had the same design as the crew, except red on one half and black on the other, and a blaster on his left arm which could change between a hand and gun.

“He doesn’t know that electricity strengthens me!” Pop-Man thought to himself. He looked at the crew, and they were finding seats and getting…microwave popcorn? “Wait a minute… How did they get a microwave all the way out here?” he thought. Then he got sliced in half.

Wait, never mind, wrong timeline.

“Wait a minute…how did they get a microwave all the way out here?” he thought. He noticed the captain about to slice him in half, and jumped aside. He didn’t even have time to think before the captain struck again, except this time with the whip.

Pop-Man broke free and slapped the captain for no reason.

Oh yeah, did we mention Pop-Man has hands now? Yeah, we probably should have said that. (Didn’t this happen last time?)

Then he blasted him with electricity. The captain collapsed. “That was…surprisingly easy,” Pop-Man said.

He looked at the area where the crew was, and there was a note. He looked at the note, and it said, “Taking a permanent break! DON’T DISTURB THE MICROWAVE. Signed, The Pirates of E”

“It should be him…” he said, then started to hop up the stairs, towards the kitchen. When he finally got there, he saw his nemesis, the one who destroyed the Earth, Radiation Man. The only microwave that could talk, get bought from Walmart, and blow up the Earth. “Why, hello there! I saw that you dealt with the Henchman Lord.”

“He was annoying,” Radiation Man said lazily. He hopped off the table and landed on the shiny floor. “Care to fight again? You know I’ll win.”

“There was never a fight before! You just exploded,” Pop-Man responded.

“Why do you have arms?” Radiation Man asked all of a sudden.

“Oh these? Just in case. They’re detachable too!” Pop-Man responded.

Radiation Man blasted a green laser at Pop-Man. Pop-Man jumped up and fired a beam of electricity at Radiation Man. “Your aim is so bad! It’s like fighting a popcorn popper!” Radiation Man taunted. “Wait a minute…where did you go?” When he realized, it was too late.

“SUPERCHARGED SLAP!” Pop-Man yelled before slapping Radiation Man right in the stainless steel.

“AUGGGGHHHH! THE PAINNNNNNN! THE AGONNNNNNNYYYYY!” Then Radiation Man went straight through all 102 floors of the the Space Pirate Ship, and went straight into open space. Three hours later…

Chapter 3: The Dragon Kingdom?

By the time Radiation Man landed, he was 1/10th smaller. “Note to self…avoid Pop-Man’s slaps… Where am I?” The ground was rough and scaly. Then he looked behind him to find a giant pair of eyes staring back. “…. Do you like popcorn?” Radiation Man asked, shaking his buttons off. Then he was smashed into the creature’s snout by another meteor. By now, the creature was angry, and threw them off his snout and into a small asteroid. Then the meteor cracked, and Pop-Man came out! Then the creature came into the light and it was… a gigantic dragon! And guess what? IT WAS COMING AFTER THEM. “This is all your fault!” Radiation Man yelled.

“My fault?” Pop-Man yelled back. “I didn’t try and bribe that thing with ABSOLUTE TRASH.” (This is from Pop-Man’s perspective, and he’s a popcorn popper.)

By now, they were boosting themselves forward by going backwards and firing beams of Radiation and Electricity. These beams were also hitting the approaching dragon, but they didn’t have any effect. But being backwards, they didn’t see where they were going! They were heading straight into a herd of other gigantic space dragons!

“I HAVE AN IDEA!” Pop-Man yelled at Radiation Man.

“WHAT IS IT!” Radiation Man yelled back.


“WHAT ABOUT ME! I DON’T WANT TO DO NOT LIVING AGAIN!” Radiation Man yelled back.

“TOO BA-” Pop-Man tried to say but was cut off because he crashed into something hard.

“Uh…… Meow?” Pop-Man said when he turned around, but was breathed up the other gigantic dragon’s nose.

Radiation Man wasn’t as lucky. He went into the mouth of a yawning dragon.

Then there was a small crack, and everything in the radius of Radiation Man’s not living explosion was just gone…

When Pop-Man woke up, he was a meteor again. “Where am I- OH NO NOT AGAIN!” Pop-Man said while simultaneously decreasing in size. And then he crashed into the ground. Little did he know that he landed in the Kanto region…


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