Ode to Uptown Stories

By: Tappan Wearn

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Uptownstories-y is a word
If you look it up
google will say it’s the feeling
when you walk into a room and collapse onto a bean bag chair
when you dig through the snack bin for the last bag of oreos
when everyone shares their roses and thorns and it takes half the class
when we play exquisite corpse and no one can finish reading because they can’t stop laughing
When the electronic fireplace is crackling
and the keyboards are clacking
and everyone is writing what they want to write instead of what they’re told to
When you leave the cornerstone church and feel a little less angry
or sad
or lonely
But this is a bad definition
What’s the point of a word so specific
I know english has enough synonyms
But uptownstories-y should just mean “good”

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