Nyan Cat vs. Tac Nayn

By: Diego Benitez

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Chapter 1
The Meeting

Setting: Walmart
Weather: Sunny

“Meow Meow!!” says Nyan Cat as he walks into Walmart happily. “Meow Meow!” say the store members back. Everybody is a different kind of cat. Like always, Nyan Cat walks right past every other aisle right to the food aisle. And of course, into the place where the strawberry Poptarts are. He buys 2011 to represent the year he was made. He uses 191 shopping carts. And then…

Chapter 2
Bad Double Trouble

Setting: Walmart’s Shopping Counter
Weather: Light Rain

Crash! A shopping cart knocks into another customer. “Meow?” says Nyan Cat, trying to say sorry. “Grrrr…” growls the customer Nyan Cat accidentally knocked into. He has one of those “Hi my name is” stickers on his sweater. It says Tac Nayn. Then, Tac Nayn acts like someone would if they were rage quitting a really hard game. He accidentally knocks the next cat in line, which happens to Nyan Cat’s OTHER double, Taco Cat. Then Taco Cat gets pushed forward, which knocks Taco Cat’s double, Burrito Cat. By now, everybody is upset.

And then, Tac Nayn teleports everybody to an endless desert where the sky is red. Tac Nayn searches for something on his new iPhone X which he stole. It has a screen that looks like it was stolen from Super Smash Bros. It says FIGHT!

Burrito Cat walks up to the phone and crushes it, which teleports him back to Walmart. Luckily, the iPhone X regenerates itself so Taco Cat does the same thing that Burrito Cat did. Now, it’s just Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn. This is it.


Chapter 3
The Final Showdown

Setting: The Endless Desert
Weather: Red Clouds

Tac Nayn kicks the iPhone X into the red clouds where it explodes. Nobody notices, but it leaves behind a small black star. “MEOW!!!!” yells Tac Nayn as he kicks at Nyan Cat. He misses. Nyan Cat responds with a dash, leaving behind a rainbow. Critical hit! Tac Nayn goes flying into the red clouds. 

After a second, Tac Nayn speeds down to the ground like a meteor and smashes the ground below him. Nyan Cat gets caught in the blast. Tac Nayn goes in for a flurry of attacks, slowing down time for everyone except for him. Nyan Cat falls to the ground. Weak, but still alive. “Meow…” says Nyan Cat as he slowly gets up. His color is slowly changing into white. Tac Nayn does not notice. Because he does not notice that Nyan Cat is changing, he goes in for another flurry of attacks. 

But not before the process is complete! Nyan Cat punches right through Tac Nayn a good 100,000 times before slowing down time. Now, Nyan Cat is changing from white to a pure rainbow. Nyan Cat is now ULTRA Nyan Cat. Just as time goes back to normal, ULTRA Nyan Cat delivers the finishing blow to Tac Nayn. He is sent straight through the red clouds and into the black star.

Chapter 4
The Aftermath

Setting: The Endless Desert
Weather: Pure Red

The black star is growing a kilometer every second. Nyan Cat notices. “Meow Meow. MEOW MEOW!!!” (Translation: if that iPhone X got Taco Cat and Burrito Cat back, it should bring me back too!) 

Then a red ruby appears in the star. Nyan Cat goes for the star. The star suddenly disappears. “Meow?” Nyan Cat says. The ruby floats right in front of Nyan Cat. 

VVVV… VMMMMM!!!!! The landscape turns blue and pink, then suddenly changes into static.

Chapter 5
The Mystery

Setting: Walmart
Weather: Sunny, but no rainbows

Taco Cat and Burrito Cat suddenly crash into the Walmart parking lot. “Meow Meow Meow!!” they both say. They look around. “Meow Meow?” Taco Cat says to Burrito Cat. (Translation: Where’s Nyan Cat?) “Meow Meow!” Burrito Cat replies. (Translation: I don’t know!) “Meow!” (Translation: Let’s find him!)

The ruby suddenly appears. VVVVV…VMMMMM!!!!

To Be Continued

Coming Soon: Nyan Cat and Sonic

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