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By: Adriana Escobedo

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I’m super passionate about drawing, and not only do I have passion for drawing, but it makes me happy too! Sadness ruins everything for me. My happy thoughts and my beautiful heart. That’s why I’d rather stay happy and draw….  

I sit there looking at a blank piece of paper and think of all the wonderful things that it could be filled up with. Stars! Trees! Wait! What about a realistic diamond? Or maybe just a heart! There are a lot of amazing possibilities this piece of paper could be filled up with! Something is better than Nothing. So I always start doodling, and eventually I end up with something good. For instance, I make an outline of a butterfly and one by one I fill up its wings with wonderful designs. But other times I end up tearing pages apart, and tossing them in the trash a.k.a The Black Hole, where they belong!

Ugh! Another page that goes to The Black Hole! Sometimes I feel that I can’t do anything right. And when I finally turn my doodles into a gorgeous flower, I’ll end up putting the wrong colors, and it’ll turn into an epic failure. You know when you put the wrong ingredients for a cake and then it doesn’t taste as good? That’s the same thing that happens with drawing. When you color the stem of a flower yellow instead of green, it’ll look like mush. And if you color the petals black, it’ll look like death! Another meal for The Black Hole! Great! However, I’ll start to realize the correct details to make the perfect flower, from my mistakes. With my pencil I outline and with my colored pencils I bring the drawing to life. Voila! Finally! Not an epic failure, but an epic masterpiece! Something horrible can turn into something glorious! You learn from your mistakes.

Some people think of drawing as something creative and I do too! But I also think of it as a type of relaxation! That’s why I like drawing stars, which makes me feel happy and creative. It needs a lot of imagination, and is something that has no rules. Drawing makes me feel like I’m in another world, enjoying the easy life, and not having to worry about anything, but perfection. It relaxes my head, my heart, and my soul.

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