My Doggie

By: Sophia Pacheco

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It was March 7, 2020.  My family and I were headed to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to get my puppy. It took about three to four hours to get there. Once we got there, I was so relieved since my legs were hurting. The dog that I got is a goldendoodle. My sister and I named her Ginger. She is very playful and cute. She is about four and a half months old. She has quite a ton of birthmarks. She has a spot on her face/nose, her chest area, and the tip of her tail. It took a long time to get her, but I think it was worth it. I have been teaching her how to roll over, but she already knows how to sit, give her paw, and lie down. Whenever we go on walks or go to the park, she always gets a compliment. This is because she is unique!


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