The doctor’s eyes, full of pity, gave it all way 

As the next words that came out of his mouth made my world stop

“Without In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), you can never bear your own children” 

Eyes teary, mind blank

Fantasies about having my own children all vanished

As he uttered those few words 

Tears began streaming down like a river


Everyone has hopes of bearing their own child

One they can hug, harbor, and hold dear 

I imagine 

Days will turn into months 

And months into years 

while I’m press my hands to my empty womb 

Pleading with cruel fate 


I pray to God

“Please give me at least one child to cherish

To one day see their first day of school 

To one day to be called, ‘Mom”

Their little feet 

Tip Toe 

Would make the deepest footprints 

On my heart


Many dream of 

Grandiose houses 

Impressive careers

or riches beyond imagination 

But mine is to embrace my baby.

I will sacrifice all to give 



And praise to my child 

As a 17-year-old, 

I’m stuck wondering if I will ever be a mother.

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