Chief Officer Jamilla Sanchez was making her last rounds for the night. The Night Officer Team would take her place soon, but she was still out at Gurritz Park waiting for her watch to flash eight o’clock. 

Jamilla was propping her feet up on the metal arm of a bench when she heard rustling coming from the gate into Tiquipe city limits. The officer shot up and pulled her flashlight out of its holster. “Show yourselves!” she bellowed, leaving the park and approaching the city gates. She wouldn’t take a step out of the city limits. Beyond there, there were endless stretches of uncharted, unorganized territory. Jamilla had been scared too many times by the harrowing stories of the creatures that haunted the territory. 

The beam of Jamilla’s flashlight scoured the area. “Show yourselves or I’ll shoot!” Jamilla shouted. Her heavy boots thumped across the pavement. She rolled up the sleeves of her blue shirt and inspected the ground and area around the gate once more. After minutes of searching, two glowing yellow eyes appeared behind a bush. 

“I can see you!” Jamilla informed the creature. She pulled her gun out from her belt and felt her sweaty fingers grip the trigger. Pulling the trigger in close, a bullet flew from Jamilla’s gun. The creature responded with a series of warbles. 

Jamilla had never been so scared in her life. She saw slimy green tentacles grip the metal of the gates. Jamilla being herself, loving monsters in the beginning of her life, tried to be friendly with it. 


The creature turned at her and made high-pitch screeching noises.

It did not like that,” Jamilla muttered. I guess I’ll have to radio in the others, but first I have to hide, she thought. Jamilla ran to the bushes and hid, moving from bush to bush quietly as to not alert the monster.

“Requesting backup in the front,” Jamilla whispered into the walkie-talkie.

“Roger that. Backup coming.” The policeman on the other side 0f the walkie-talkie was all too loud, alerting the monster. “Chief, what is the problem?” he added.

“Shut up, it hears you,” Jamilla responded. 

“What hea-”

Then Jamilla’s world went black. No, green?


“Chief where are you, Chief!?” A patrol of five was looking for Jamilla with (the less intelligent) Jeffrey shouting, “Chief!” While he was shouting, he saw something green flash out of the corner of his eye. 

“Hal, I think I’ve seen something!” 

Hal responded, “I’ve been thinkin’ the same ever since you got this job.”

“No really I did, it was green.”

“Fine, where did you see it?”

“Over there, by the bushes.” Jeffrey wiggled his flashlight. The beam wiggled too and illuminated a pair of yellow eyes. 

Hal gasped. “We can document this sighting. It’s an uncharted–one of the creatures who lives in the territory beyond. We’ve got something big on our hands. Jeffrey, ready the cameras. Also, Jeffrey, ready the voice recorders. Also Jeffrey… I’ve run out of tasks. Stand quietly next to me. No, wait. Call the rest of the patrol.”

“Roger that, roger that, roger that and roger that. All right, so what do I do,” Jeffrey replied.

“Nevermind! I’ll do it myself!” Hal shouted, “Patrol meet up at the front!”

Hal and the rest of the officers knelt near the gates. Hal narrated every move they made while Jeffrey stood a safe distance away, filming the entire thing on the police tapes. 

“WE’RE ROLLING!” Jeffrey shouted for the third time in one minute. Hal grumbled with annoyance and muttered something into the voice recorder. “Jeffrey you scared it off you pe-” 

As Hal was saying that he vanished into thin air and soon Jeffrey realized that the monster was slowly picking off the rest of the patrol. He would be next.


Chapter One

Aeria dove down, her wings pounding at the air behind her. She clutched the coconut tight to her chest as she charged down. She did a mid-air barrel roll and threw the coconut up to Ulain, who caught it and bolted west. He was the fastest flyer on Aeria’s Cocoball Team, and he always made the last run to the goal barrel before passing to Ohreas, who was the best goal-maker. 

Aeria flapped still in midair, huffing as she watched Ohreas and Ulain make the goal.

“YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!” They taunted the other team, not noticing the four extra coconuts hurtling at them, thrown by Aeria’s best friend Ost. Then boom! They both went flying down.


“Ost, good throw back there!” Aeria shouted.

“Just luck,” Ost replied, shrugging his shoulders. “You know one time I heard a human say ‘you want to move to mini soda?’ and I was super confused like a mini soda is an object you don’t go to it.”

“Hmm, it seems like their brains are not fully developed,” Aeria said.

“Well, I have to get home, bye!”


To be Continued…


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