By: Amelia Jubilee

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Often I find myself asking
Is this my place
Do I fit in with the people I see around me
Or am I like a book on a shelf that only collects dust as time goes by
Sometimes I wonder
Am I wanted
Am I needed
Am I loved
Do they appreciate who I am
Or put off the fact that I am here
Waiting to be told
I am wanted
I am needed
I am loved
I wonder why
Everyday I say to myself get through this day and tomorrow will be better
But tomorrow never seems to come
It’s like the infinity sign of life
The same feelings of being laughed at and controlled
Of being pushed around and told to be what I am
The word that shakes me and hurts me
Although people say “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”
It’s not true
Words hurt just like objects being thrown at me
They sting and burn
They bruise and scar
They dent and scrape
They hit me hard and unexpectedly
They say “it’s not your business what they think or say about you”
But how do I ignore it
How do I let it go over my head
They say I’m loved
But they don’t show it
They keep on with the way they were before
Acting like I was made to be ignored
That’s why I wonder
Am I wanted
Am I needed
Am I loved

3 thoughts on “Loved”

  1. Amelia! You are so loved! This poem is poignant, and so brave of you to put it down on paper. These are questions most of asks at one point or another. You’re so precious.

  2. (: I love you. And lots of other people do too. Personally I wouldn’t have been brave enough to share this. but I love your poetry works and I hope you keep writing!


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