Legend of Gerome

*Understanding of Terraria recommended.

Aaahhhhhhhhh! Oh no, OH NO, IT’S HERE!

Day 1

Hello there. I’m Gerome, and I’m a video gamer. I love playing Terraria, and I usually just stay in my room with my cardboard sword by my side, and my diary and pen on me (to keep track of Terraria tips), and play it. One day, I went into Terraria, and I spotted a colorful spiral on the screen. It looked suspicious, and once I touched it with my index finger, I was being sucked into my tablet, and I came in with the objects beside me. I felt as if I was entering the Jumanji board! I even felt animated. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but then I realized that I was in Terraria!


Day 2 

As a regular Terraria player, I had a copper pickaxe, a copper axe, and a wooden sword in my inventory. Luckily, I already had my own powerful sword. The cardboard palladium sword became an actual palladium sword. I chopped down many trees, because I knew that I needed wood to create a good shelter. Chopping down trees in Terraria seems quick, but when living in Terraria time, chopping down trees takes much longer. My arms began aching, I stopped for a moment, and suddenly a slime came out of nowhere. It tried to jump on me (doing so would lower my health), but I hastily cut the slime in half with my sword and watched the slime split into gel. I collected it, since I might need it for later. I continued chopping down trees for the remainder of the day.

I felt very strange, because it is impossible to sleep in Terraria. I was also weirded out because I didn’t even feel exhausted. The next morning, I built furniture, a hammer to be able to take down wooden walls, and with the remaining blocks, the shape of my home. I assembled everything into its right place, including the walls, and my final step was to add a light source. I built a torch out of a piece of wood and the flammable gel I got from the slime. Success! I was impressed with my surprisingly amazing work.


Day 3

In my home, I had all of the furniture I needed to get non-player characters (sellers, merchants, the guide, etc.) into my spacious abode, so I could buy items from or sell items I didn’t want. Even though I started to get the hang of living in Terraria, I wanted to go back to the real world to live the way I used to live. The first NPC to move in was the guide, and once he came, I asked him how to get out of the game.

He replied, “You must destroy the final boss of this mode, The Wall of Flesh. The easiest one to spawn and defeat is The Eye of Cthulhu.”

I knew what The Eye of Cthulhu was. It was a humongous eyeball that sheds its eye when it received lots of damage, and instead had a mouth with sharp teeth for an eye. I mined ores with my pickaxe, created armor and stronger tools, and then set off.


Day 4

To make the object that summons the Eye of Cthulhu, a Suspicious Looking Eye, I must collect six lenses. Lenses are dropped by Demon Eyes, which start spawning randomly after sunset and disappear by dawn. I waited hours upon hours for it to be night, and once it was, I went searching for Demon Eyes. That night alone, I killed seven Demon Eyes, and I got six lenses and a black lense, a rare drop. The corrupt biome has large chasms that lead to your death, and Devourers that will quickly lower your health until you respawn. However, the demon altars, used to craft Suspicious Looking Eyes, are in the chasms.

I brought my umbrella, so when I jump down I will fall slowly. I also brought a grappling hook to get out of the chasms, as well as my best weapons and armor. When I arrived, all of the blocks were strange and purple, and I saw the flying Devourers try to attack me. I aimed at them with my bow, and when I hit them, they fell down. I equipped my umbrella, went down in the chasm, and landed in a tunnel full of demon altars. I went to the closest one and quickly created a Suspicious Looking Eye! Huzzah! I was prepared to fight!


Day 5

At night, I finally did what I needed to in order to spawn the Eye of Cthulhu with my Suspicious Looking Eye. At first I didn’t see it, but was anticipating it to come. My thoughts raced, and then I saw it coming. I thought, “Aaahhhhhhhhh! Oh no, OH NO, IT’S HERE!”

I did damage to it, while it did low damage to me, and I knew that this battle was for my life. The boss summoned servants that were much weaker than demon eyes to destroy me, but I defeated them too. I took one final blow, but then the Eye of Cthulhu transformed to its second stage. It had a large mouth with sharp teeth. It charged at me, and the best way to defeat it required sacrificing some of my own health, as I needed to hit it with my sword. Doing that, I finally destroyed it. I defeated a boss! However, there was still a long way to go.


Day 19

I defeated many bosses, with many powerful things in my inventory and chests. I actually became quite fascinated with life in Terraria, with all of the grand adventures, values I learned, and independence. However, I despised it for sending me away from the world I knew and loved most.

Finally, the same spiral appeared, and I went into it, unknowing that it was a wormhole trapped inside the app, and no time passed at all. Once I got out, which I did only with the items I came in with, I quickly deleted Terraria and decided to play Minecraft instead.

Big mistake!

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