Leap Day

By: Jamie Authers

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Choices …so many choices,
Leap Day of Leap Year,
the straightener of the calendar
A day to be truly free.

I could go to the movies
or sleep in,
no that would be a waste of true freedom-
what even is, True Freedom?

Choices, so many choices
is it even possible to have True Freedom
in this world?
Maybe that’s what I should do,

but how much impact can I have
in one measly day?
Does a day even matter
in the grand scheme of things?

I can learn about how to be free,
but then, I’ll just be learning and lamenting
about the measly few who do
have True Freedom

True Freedom is something
you have to make
for yourself,
no one is going to give it to you-

It’s not on some calendar
It’s not hiding in a year somewhere
It’s waiting for you
right there, right here, right now.

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