Innocent Lives

We will never forget the name, George Floyd

An innocent man whose life was destroyed 

Like other black victims of police brutality, 

this is one of many fatalities

Just because of the color of his skin, 

the cop ignored what went on from within 

We shouldn’t let others suffer the same 

This fight must go on and on with his name

Protests have spread across the U.S 

People of all cultures are in distress

They fought with their lives; now families are crying

Innocent people are literally dying

Please don’t let this whole thing fly through 

We’re all continuing to rise through

the injustice they’ve all planted

Corruptness is now implanted

I believe we all matter, but right now Blacks have a much bigger matter

Our lives are in danger because of our looks, 

and we can’t go back from the lives we took

We may not understand, 

but I know if we continue to stand, there’s a chance;

this fight will be over soon

But I can die from my skin color too

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