I Am Getting Older

I miss the old girl

the goofy one, the one

with the brown eyes,

the one who wiped

the apartment floor when

scooting around. The one

who got trapped in the

living room multiple times

‘cause she didn’t know

how to climb stairs. I really

miss her, it feels like

all of those memories

are chipping away from

my heart.

I’m starting to not

remember my first

gasp of air. The day

I was born, my brother

came out of school

early just to see me,

hug and kiss me, nothing

has changed. It’s

hard to remember

my first pre-K birthday,

when I burned my



I am getting older,

I have to admit it. 

I’m moving into different

shoe sizes, I’m getting

taller, I’m almost 9,

next year I’ll be in 4th

grade. Every night

I watch the lights

flicker out in the

buildings, it feels

like the seconds, minutes,

hours, days, weeks, months,

years, decades, centuries,

are going out as

fast as the lights in

the building. I am a one-

of-a-kind person in my

generation, I work

hard and long. I

have lived through

a deadly sickness

pandemic, I’m special and

that’s all I can say.

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