How Chess Makes Me a Better Person

By: Sai Chandrasekhar

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I got interested in chess after I started playing with my dad and I slowly began to like it. It has now become a part of my life that I can never forget. I think that chess helps me know myself better because it lets me know my potential and capabilities. It made me believe in myself as I have often lost confidence due to being teased at school.  I also connect with my friends and family by talking about chess. When I talk with my friends about chess, it always sparks a conversation about what moves we have done and how we can improve.

Once while playing with an advanced player I was terrified about losing badly and lost all my confidence to play. I could not concentrate and wanted to quit. This greatly  impacted my playing because I was very scared and did not even think about the moves I was making. At that point, I started reminding myself to be confident and not to be scared. I calmed myself thinking that even grandmasters who would have felt nervous at some point during their games. I looked at other kids who were playing and realized that I am not alone and they might be scared too. This calmed me and slowly, I began to make better moves. Through this incident, I learned about myself that I might have to go through obstacles and learn things the hard way in order to win. I cannot take the easy way by resigning when the games get tough. Through chess, I have to improve my concentration. I also understood that I should think and play and not just move pieces aimlessly.

In conclusion Chess is a game which teaches me strategy. It helps me  concentrate and control myself.. It helps me make friends who enjoy chess and share the same passion as me. It builds my confidence and more than anything,  it is   an amazing game to play!

Sai Chandrasekhar is the Slime Queen and lives in Flushing, NYC. She loves sports. She lives with her mom, dad and sister. She loves her cousin’s dog, Frankie. She is a 11-year-old girl whose birthday is on January 24, 2009. She loves watching TV shows like Bunk’d, Richie Rich, Sam and Cat, and Family Reunion. Her favorite movie is Zombies 2. Her favorite song is “Bomb” and “Playing with Fire.” She loves competing and winning. She loves playing Chess and Among Us. She is in 5th grade. She also has a dog named Princess.

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