Guide to the Isle of the Dark Spirit

By: Kai DeCastro

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Hello and welcome to my travel guide about The Isle of the Dark Spirit. Here you will learn about everything from food to laws. The Isle of the Dark Spirit is a moderately sized island consisting of mostly deserts with dunes. Its traces of magic started 3082 years ago.

Food and attractions:

In The Isle of the Dark Spirit all food and drinks come with at least a little bit of paper, making it a paper cut hazard, of course, if you are not willing to risk the cuts, tell them that you are allergic to paper.

The most popular attractions are the capitol mansion, the altar of freedom, and the amulet of life. (for the amulet of life you will need to go to the third district and find it there.)

Laws and magic limits:

The laws are

  • No magic at midnight-1:00 
  • No magic at 3 am-4:00
  • Everyone at any given time cannot have more than 3 summoning stones, 1 amulet and 1 wand at any given time.
  • In the lower districts the curfew is 21:00
  • Do not say anything bad against the king unless you want to spend a decade in prison.
  • Do not use repair spells on people unless that’s what the description says.

Our limits to magic are

  • You can only create one amulet in your life. 
  • If your amulet breaks the only way to fix it is with an illegal ritual(Breaking a spirit stone at midnight and casting a repair spell at 3 am 

Types of wands:

In The Isle of the Dark Spirit there are many types of wands. They do all sorts of different things and here are some you may encounter.

  • There are Dark wands which you cause immense sickness, pain, or suffering(Banned)
  • There are Elemental wands, which can be used as conjurers of things.
  • There are Enchanter wands, which, well, you enchant with.
  • There are Healing wands which heal things.(obviously)
  • There are Kinisis wands which can make things move.
  • There are Mind wands which you can make illusions and mind read with.(Banned)

The reason Dark wands are bad is because they are life threatening. Mind wands, because they can twist nightmares into reality.

Life and populations:

The Isle of the Dark Spirit is not massive, in fact, the population of everyone living outside the capitol and upper districts is 634 people, with only 1828 people including the capitol and upper districts.

 In the morning everyone has exercise immediately after breakfast, then after lunch, at 17.00 is bathing, then lights out at 21:00 (lights out outside capitol) once every 13 years, people are blessed with luck and unluck. the people that are lucky, now live in the highest class. The people live in district zero. The acid district.


Along with all the classic subjects (math, ela, science, arts, and pe), In grades 4-6 you learn about our government and politics. , In grades 7-10 magic, In grades 9-12 you learn about government and serving the king. Then, at the end of grade 12 you choose your profession.


In the upper districts/capitol the people party all night along with drinking health potions so you can keep staying up all night. In the lower districts you can not do anything like that because of regulations, of course you can party all day, on Tuesdays and alternating Thursdays and Saturdays (your days off.) Never go to district zero, the people blessed with unluck live there and that causes the acid there to destroy many things.

Potion basics (here is a one that anyone can do):

To start a potion of mental energy you need a proper base of tears (water will also work), a lot of sugar, and a thing that you are stuck on.  

  • Mix the water and sugar together until dissolved.
  • Drink and now try to solve puzzle (amounts of energy boost may vary) 
  • Do not drink too much.
  • If you have allergies to any of the ingredients, do not drink.
  • 🧠⚡ ⚡💡 

Here is another potion you can work on (happiness potion). First you need water. Then you need a stick of cinnamon and some hot chocolate mix, 

  • First boil the water
  • make the hot chocolate mix
  • add the cinnamon stick and stir.
  • drink up 
  • enjoy
  • When you are done, chew the cinnamon stick.
  • do not drink if you have allergies
  • ☕!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here, in this project I wanted to show everyone that I could create a land that was about some things I liked.~ 


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