By: Ahsaan Cauley

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Green cover image

grass, plants, moss
sweet, sour, tangy or mild
fresh wilderness air filling your lungs
find it in your pocket: money
it helps your motion sickness
you find it on every painter’s palette
the plant store’s awning
the tint on the church’s windows
it’s the poison ivy, slowly eating away at the tree
it’s Demeter’s flowing robes
sour crab apples
the light of a go signal
shining, flashing, Go!
the military officer’s crisp uniform
I feel that color when I smell
the fresh ocean breeze
I despise the people who say
it reminds them of disease

1 thought on “Green”

  1. I’ve known ahsaan since elementary school and he’s always had such a bright mind. Really beautiful work and very impressive for a 9 yo.


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