Gendered by Force

Boys Will Be Boys

Programmed in their minds at an early age

To be mean in their teens

Play ball with their dads 

And hit up girls with every chance they have


Or play games online

Then be destined to make them 

Mix their mother’s shampoo

Then end up in a lab


Of course, what happens to the others?

Oh, I don’t know, ask their disappointed mothers


Dresses And Lipstick Put On At 12

The girls cover up and are still thrown down a well

They can join the swim or tennis team

But they’ll still be sexualized by all the men happily

Growing older and hiding their bodies


Then being bullied by their sisters

Become a nice housewife, and have domestic success 

Have a small waist and a pretty face

Become a model or singer, and paint on a smile 

Where are the tomboys and STEM based women?

Wipe off some of that makeup and see


Where are the rest of us?!

Being in-between isn’t a choice for them, unfortunately

And the ones outside might seem free 

But you’re looking through a window

And can’t see their leash

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