Flurry King

There once lived a wizard named Alex. He was next in line for kingship of wizard island. His father was sitting on the throne now, but in two days Alex would be king. When the royal family sat down for dinner, Alex’s father, the king, said “Alex, you will soon be king, but to become king you must  prove you are worthy by completing a mission”

Alex had done hundreds of missions during his training to become king. ”No problem, I’ve done plenty of missions” Alex bragged.

“No matter how many missions you have completed, there is one you haven’t, mission #347, taming a Flurry” King Christopher said.

“Only kings have tamed a Flurry and when they do they keep it as their royal pet. To tame it you must use the taming charm” Queen Penelope added “now get some sleep you start tomorrow.”

Alex headed toward his room, he lived in the wizard king and witch queen castle. He had studied the taming charm but it was the highest difficulty in his charm textbook. He practiced all night until he perfected it.

The next day Alex headed towards the flurry badlands through the Three Trees Valley. As he ventured through the valley a magi-snake bit his ankle and sucked out almost all of his magic. He only had enough magic to perform the taming charm once. He also couldn’t do any other spells. He trudged on into the badlands. When he finally reached the badlands, a flurry  leapt out at him. He jumped out of the way and when the flurry was on the ground Alex performed the charm, but the charm takes 5 minutes to work and 5 more flurry’s were on there way.

Alex was exhausted, he had used the last of his magic, he needed rest to regain some of his magic back. But at the last second Alex jumped out of the way and fell headfirst into the ground. This was his plan then he stopped moving and played dead. The flurry’s believed him (Flurry’s aren’t very smart) and Alex stalled for about 5 minutes until the charm activated. When the charm started working Alex jumped onto his flurry and rode all the way back to the kingdom.

His mother and father were waiting for him at the castle doors. They looked very proud and applauded him on completing his mission. Alex went to his room to rest and prepare for his ceremony tomorrow.

In the morning, Alex couldn’t find his flurry. So he asked his father what to do, his father said to whistle for it, no flurry, again, no flurry. So Alex used some of his magic to do the location spell. Then Alex figured out that his flurry was deaf. After the ceremony, Alex  studied his flurry a little more and it turns out that the eardrums were slit with a knife that only one person had.

Once Alex had analyzed the cut, it turned out to be the knife of the power-hungry troublemaker, Joseph. At the academy Joseph always tried to bully Alex because he was jealous that Alex was going to become king and he wasn’t. So Alex tracked down Joseph and confronted him. “Why did you cut my Flurry’s ears?” Alex demanded

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Joseph stated

“I know you cut his ears now tell me why. If you don’t you will go to jail.”

“Okay, Okay, I’ll tell you, I went down to the badlands to try and tame a flurry, I was going to use it to attack you before the ceremony so you wouldn’t become king and I would. I thought I could become king because I had the second highest score on the test, you as first. But then a flurry attacked me and the taming charm didn’t work so I cut the ears so it couldn’t hear me run away.” Joseph confessed.

“You are forgiven, but you must serve as my personal advisor and take care of my flurry, or be jailed.” Alex suggested

“Fine, I’ll do it,” Joseph reluctantly said.

That’s how Alex became king and put the crook that illegally harmed a flurry to justice.


Travel guide:




The village is where all of the non magical people live. Most of the population is non magical. The villagers make a living by harvesting their crops from their farm squares. Then they sell their crops at the market to make money.




The Wizard King & Witch Queen castle is where the royal  family lives. It is a great castle to visit and tourists are allowed to see only the first floor. The family lives on the other 3 floors. The castle is made of marble, gold, silver, and diamonds.



The badlands is where the flurry’s live, flurry’s are snake-raven hybrid. They have a snake neck and head with a raven body and legs. The body is an enlarged version of an actual raven. They can only be tamed with a taming charm. Only kings and queens have tamed flurry’s because of their special training. I advise you not to go to the badlands.


The End

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