Fifth in the Line, Last in the Race

By: Matthew Marsh

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5 is the scythe, hooking your enemy’s hollow head,
so hollow you could play it like a drum

5 is the day you sob yourself to sleep, the eyes connected to the brain
that knows nothing but your own name

5 is the amount of times your dad has told you to go to bed,
to the point where he got mad

5 is the whole point,
without 5, nothing would be without

5 is Optimus Prime
5 seconds left

5 parasites on each eyelash
5 hours to live

5 letters in seven, but not five
5 stitches on the palm of my hand

5 monkeys eating 1 banana
5 children to feed

5 pounds gained
500 calories more

More than 50,000 dollars lost
5 dreams crushed

5th place in line for it
Last place in it

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