Empty Spaces

What are we looking for?

abandoned places

feeling lonely and desperate

no one to call on

to fall on

Can anybody take it anymore?


Society’s faces

are not what they seem

we’re all two-faced inside

and that’s really just reality

That’s the expectation


No one stops to ask if you’re ok

No one stops to ask how your day was

They just keep going


Sometimes I wish the earth was flat

so people could keep walking

until they face their doom at the end


Sometimes I wish the earth was flat

for when I jump off that steep edge

I can think of all my regrets before reaching the bottom


But instead, the earth is round

we’re all round

constantly changing our seasons, our colors, our timing

day and night, we keep changing


And the more we change is the more we fall

our downfalls keep getting steeper and steeper

until we meet our fate

until we meet again


It’s all in my head


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