Diving and Me

Hi my name is Lia Rosales.  I love swimming and diving. Today I will talk about diving and how it helped me to be more confident and to connect better to my family, specifically my cousins.

For me, when I swim I feel like I am in another world, calm and quiet. I also feel like all my worries are behind me. When I dive, sometimes I feel nervous. When I look down and I see the water, it looks clear but far away and deep. When it was my first time diving I stood there for a really long time. But when I finally plunge into the water I realize everything is fine. Now, I feel that swimming is calm and relaxing. Now, I can dive in without hesitation which I used to do.

When I dive with my family I feel connected to them. I play diving games with my aunt and when I feel the rings on my fingers I am satisfied. When we count up the points and I have the most points I am very happy. My aunt teaches me all the dives and jumps I know. When I see my cousins do flips I am so amazed. One time my cousin Andrew was trying to do a really cool jump. You have to hold the ball and when you jump into the pool you let go and the ball goes flying in the air. After a few tries he actually did it! My other cousin Matthew was trying to do the same jump and did it once. When I swim I feel closer to my family. We laugh when we swim which makes me feel closer and happy. One time my mom, aunt, uncle, and cousins all swam.  I had a really fun time with my family.

My personal goal for diving is to do wild and crazy jumps, like my cousins, so I could challenge them to jumps. I think that me and my cousins can have a lot of fun together daring each other. I hope that diving will make me closer to other friends who dive.

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