Christmas Before the Apocalypse

‘Tis a white Christmas, full of mystical cheer

The children run wild, grinning ear to ear


Sleds on the move, making way down the hill, 

When everyone around feels a severe sudden chill


Ice creeps from the grass, people frantic as it grows

Trees fall under the weight of the piling snow


Hearts grow cold as the sky turns a dark shade of grey, 

Screams fill the air as the day fades away


Smoke can be seen from miles around, 

 As Christmas trees burn in an unholy sound


Presents vanish under the presence of something sinister, 

Voices crackle and hiss, as this seems to be the finisher 


But a man as big as a mountain appears, 

Arrived seemingly to save the Christmas cheer


He faces down the frigid beast, 

Making sure to bring his leash


The battle lasts many days and nights,

Humans crying as they pray for delight


The Christmas spirit fills the air,

As everyone gives one last prayer 


The man gets the boost he needs, 

And goes on to succeed, red flashing across the screen


Victory cries can be heard all around, 

Because Christmas is saved and it’s something so profound


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