Beware and Warning

Chapter One: Everything Ends

On one ordinary day, one ordinary person decides to take a walk. The person thought that they were perfect, but they were truly not. They’re smart — almost a little too smart. They’re nice — almost a little too nice. You get it, right? The one thing that this person didn’t know is that they are in grave danger. Danger was common back in 1986. But by danger, I mean real danger. Guess who this person is. You won’t believe me when I tell you. 

This person is…YOU! Crazy, right? 

Okay, let’s continue. 

This walk will be the last walk ever! You walk outside to find no one there. “Hmm, strange,” you thought, and you just kept moving on. You walk up a hill where the grass is as green as green can be. This was weird because you live in a sandy town. But you didn’t think something was off because you’re weird — sorry, no offense. Then you see something, someone, and for some reason you just walk closer and closer until you, well, die. 


Chapter Two: An Odd Waiting Room

You wake up to find yourself in a waiting room, a very ordinary waiting room. There’s a lot of bad stuff there — things I can’t say, well, shouldn’t say. You see a door made out of blood and you think to yourself, “Whoever’s on the other side of that door is a bad person.” The door opens. 

“Oh my god, another one, seriously?” The guy that opened the door says. 

You immediately knew the guy was going to be SUPER annoying. You sit down in a very uncomfortable chair. This guy has weapons and all sorts of torture devices in his office. 

“Okay, so you’re dead,” the guy says.

“WHAT?” You say in both an aggressive and confused tone. 

“What the bleep do you think I said? You’re dead,” the guy shouted.

“I know, jeese,” you say quietly so the guy doesn’t hear you. 

“Well, there’s an afterlife and you have made it to…The Bad Place”

“I have two questions,” you say. 

“Ugh okay, say them,” the guy whines.

“Are the Devil, and how did I die?”

“Yes, and it’s unknown how you died. Okay bye, have fun,” the Devil says. 


Chapter Three: The Bad Place 

You find yourself in a town. People are screaming and there’s blood on the floor. And the next thing you know is there’s a bomb behind you, and you run into an old abandoned house. You open the door — creak. Then you hear footsteps getting closer and closer and closer. 

“Ahhhh,” you and three other people scream out of the top of your lungs. 

Awkward silence. 

“Um hullo,” says a British voice. 

“Hello. My name is Lucas. Nice to meet you,” you say. 

“I’m Benjamin, and she’s Olivia. Oh, and that’’s Kevin,” Benjamin says. 

“Nice to meet you,” you say kindly. 

“I have a question for you guys,” says Benjamin. 

“Go on,” everyone says.

“Do you feel lost?”

“What do you mean?” asks Kevin. 

“Lost meaning you’re not supposed to be here”

And that’s when you realized you weren’t supposed to be here. They all knew they had to do something.


Chapter Four: The Plan 

While they were hiding from the misery that The Bad Place brings, they thought of a plan. 

“Okay, first let’s think of all the good things we did”


To be continued…


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