Best Friends

Suki sat on his bed, his head resting in his hands. How is he so naïve? It really didn’t make sense, he hadn’t exactly hidden the fact that he was into him. In fact, he had done quite the opposite: constantly playing with his hair, wrapping his arm around him, even literally saying ‘I love you’. And yet, Suki sat there, single and sad, and the pale boy he liked would be none the wiser. Finally giving up, he knocked on his brother’s wall.

“Mo?” Suki knocked, hoping his brother would hear the desperation in his tone and give up on this silence that was currently overtaking their household. They argued, a ton, but they loved each other. If any harm were to come to Suki, Mo would make sure the person who dealt the pain would feel a whole lot more, and vice versa. After all, what are brothers for? The black haired boy entered his brother’s room, and sat on the chair.

“What?” he inquired, his voice was monotone as ever, and he sounded tired. 

“Y-You’re dating someone, right?” Suki said, not daring to look his brother in the eye, just in case he was wrong.


“Is it someone at school?”

“Oh, please. As if anyone there is worthy.” Suki rolled his eyes. What a diva.

“O-Oh.. Okay…” He sighed, moving on quickly, “Can I ask you something?” Mo nodded, not daring to take his ocean blue eyes off of his brother. Suki would never be caught dead saying this, but his brother could be scary at times. It took every last scrap of his willpower not to cave in and insist how it was fine and it didn’t matter. 

“H-How did you… When did you… D-Did they, like, or did you-” Suki, who was trying to convey his question with hand motions, was a stuttering mess. Mo interrupted, putting up left hand, silencing Suki.

“Is this about that boy you are always with at school?” This stunned Suki into silence. How did he know? He didn’t remember telling him about Lee.

“How did you…?”

“Please. You talk about him constantly. I may as well be this guy’s best friend. I am surprised, however, that I don’t know his name.” He hinted, raising one of his eyebrows. Honestly, he was better off just going, Are you gonna tell me the guy’s name or not? 

“It’s Lee…” Suki trailed off, thinking about him. He was so… pretty. That was the perfect word to describe him. Actually, no, it wasn’t. There was a much better word: beautiful. His soft brown eyes complimented his pale complexion. Some people said he looked sickly–some students even refused to be around him, afraid that they’ll catch something–but to Suki, he was beautiful. The epitome of grace.

He only came back to reality when he felt Mo snatch his phone out of his hand and run  (well, more like a fast walk) out of Suki’s room.

“H-Hey, Where’re you going?!” He called, swinging his legs from under the covers to chase after him. He ran down the stairs, hearing his mom shout. 

“What the hell are you two… Mo, why do you have your brother’s phone?”

“Well, mother, Suki has a crush on–”

“I do not!”

“–that Lee guy. I am simply assisting him in asking him out. Starting right now, Suki, he’s on his way over.”

“I’m gonna break your neck when he leaves!”

“And I’m gonna break your legs in a minute if you talk to your brother like that again, Suki. If this goes well, Lee’s mother will owe me some money so you best pour your heart and soul into this, young man.” His mother answered, staring him directly in the eyes. Something that Mo and Suki can agree on: their mother is terrifying. Suki shot his brother the dirtiest look that he could muster as his phone was returned back to him and rushed back upstairs. What had Mo even said? He checked his phone.

S: heya. I’m bored outta my mind so wanna come round

L: Alright, can do. 🙂

S: ok 🙂

Okay, pretty normal. In all fairness, Mo wouldn’t have done it if he thought Suki couldn’t tell Lee how he felt. Maybe. 

“You’ll be fine. He’s just, like, the only person you’ve ever loved in your life… aha. Wait, love?” He spoke to himself in a whisper. He knew he liked Lee, but he’d never thought that he loved him. Was love too strong of a word? Is it love when your heart beats faster whenever you’re around them? Is it love when you can’t stop thinking about them when you can’t see them? Is it love when all you can think about is how soft their-

“Suki, your boyfrie–”

“Say one more word, Mo, and I will punch you across the face, you emo-looking freak.”

Mo was silent, a wise choice.

Suki ran downstairs and opened the door, “You heard every word of that, didn’t you?” He sighed, clearly annoyed. The blond-haired boy smiled, walking in and slipping his shoes off. Seeing him smile, it almost calmed Suki down a little. Almost. 

“Mhm. Yep. What was your brother going to say?” He asked.

“I… Uh, I don’t know. Would you like a drink?”

“No, I’m okay. Thank you, though.”

“Alright, let’s head up, then, shall we?”

The two boys shuffled upstairs; Suki sat on the bed, 

“You can sit down, y’know. You don’t just have to awkwardly stand around.” he smirked, looking at Lee, who was doing just that.

“I’m sor–” Suki knew he tended to apologize for the smallest things.

“Say you’re sorry and I will… um…” Suki scoured his brain–high and low–for threats that he wouldn’t mind throwing at the blond; he arrived at none. They were either too harsh, too realistic, or too dirty. 

“You’ll…?” Lee queried–a playful smirk on his face–sitting on the chair that Mo formally sat on.

M: I suggest that, as a threat, because even though I am on the other side of this wall, I can hear you fighting to think of one, say you will kiss him. If he says it, you kiss him. If he does not, he will know something is going on. Win, win.

Suki read the text Mo had sent him, So, he’s listening… Obviously he’s listening… Why wouldn’t he be? This is Mo we’re talking about, if he wasn’t listening, I’d assume something was wrong.

“…I will, um…” Suki stuttered as he spoke, “I dunno, I’ll kiss you, or something like that.” He tried to sound casual, and failed miserably. Lee eyed him, tentatively. 

“Okay… I’ll test that,” Lee muttered to himself, “I’m sorry…” An innocent smile appeared on his face.

Was he expecting Suki to kiss him? No; that’s why it came as a shock when the, slightly, only by a few months, older boy sighed, got up from his bed, walked over to the chair and placed a small kiss on Lee’s lips. When Suki pulled away, Lee looked at him, shocked, “I–Uh… Didn’t think you, um, actually w-would…” A blush spread across his pale face, making him hang his head. 

“I warned you, aha,” Suki smiled, trying to hide the excitement that was rising in his throat. “Anyway, come sit on the bed. That chair is uncomfortable as hell, don’t even try to say it isn’t.” Lee looked like he was going to attempt to argue, but decided against it and walked over to the bed. Suki moved across, so that Lee could get comfortable, as he sat down. 

“Oh, by the way, I, ah… I need to tell you… Something…” Suki murmured, just loud enough for the other boy to hear. Lee smiled, 

“What is it?”

“O-Oh, it’s just… Um… I-I, well… The reason I wanted you to, well, the reason I wanted to see you…”

“Suki, are you okay? You’re stuttering loads, this isn’t like you…”

“Me? Fine, I am. Wait, no… I mean, I’m fine… Sorry… I just, okay… The reason I wanted to see you today is that I, uh… I like, um…” Suki struggled to think of the right words; Lee looked like he was becoming even more worried by the second.

M: Suki, you are pathetic. Honestly. Just tell him you like him. What’s the worst that could happen?

“… Lee, listen. You’re a great friend, and honestly I just… I really like everything about you… Y-You constantly say you’re sorry., or you’re not worthy of anyone’s time or love or friendship, b-but…”

“I really don’t follow… You invited me over to tell me that I’m a good friend…?” Lee questioned, raising an eyebrow slightly, a smirk forming on his pastel lips. His lips… His stupid lips… His lips that Suki couldn’t stop wondering what it would feel like to taste them on his own – properly, not like earlier. 

“W-What? No! I invited you over to tell you that I love you, idio–” Oh, no. He froze. It was almost like an anime, and he had just said something horrifically wrong. Lee just stared at him, slightly confused. 

“I’m sorry, I think I probably misheard you. Did you say you… love me?” He said, softly. Suki only nodded, hiding his face from Lee so his blush wouldn’t be seen.

M: Idiot. You’re supposed to be romantic.

S: shut up man, this is ur fault. If he hates me i will have literally lost my best friend because u couldn’t control yourself, u emo freak. 

“N- Suki, I…” Lee started, his face getting redder by the second.

“I-It’s fine, I get it. I know w-what you’re going to say, y-you d-don’t have t-to-”

“I love you, too.”

Suki looked up at the blond boy, who had tears forming in his eyes. 

“H-Hey, why are you crying…?” Suki asked, not really having processed what it was that had been said to him. 

“I-I’m sorry… It’s just… I’ve liked you for a while, Suki, I just haven’t had the guts to tell you because… Because I was scared. I was scared that you’d hate me… O-Or… O-Or avoid me; I dunno, I-I just… I just couldn’t stand the thought of you hating me… I’m s-sorry…” He explained, barely able to fight off his tears from spilling down his cheeks. Yet, somehow, he managed it. Suki thought, for a second… 

“Lee, I could never hate you,” He spoke, cupping the pale boy’s hands in his own, “Actually, I think you’re the only person at that damn school who I don’t hate. Besides, maybe, Yui; she pushes it sometimes, too.”

“You sound like Mo.”


“Did you seriously not know I liked you?” Suki asked, Lee’s hands still in his own. 

“I thought it was obvious…” Lee chuckled a bit, but shook his head, “I found it strange that you took such an interest in me, but no, I didn’t even bother to think about that. I bet I looked pretty stupid, huh?” Suki looked up from their hands and looked the albino directly in the eyes, a smile forming on his lips, “No, you didn’t. It was kind of cute, honestly. Frustrating, but cute.” Lee blushed; looked down. “You blush so easily.”

“I don’t get complimented too often. I don’t know how to react, so I dunno…” Lee answered, trailing off. In all honesty, that was partly a lie. It was true that he didn’t get complimented often; if it was by anyone except Suki, he would have been totally fine and just said thank you, or managed to dodge the compliment somehow, “That’s cute.” Suki smirked, watching his face go an even deeper shade of red. He was enjoying this more than he should have been, “S-Stop…”

“Make me. You’re cu–”

Without thinking, Lee lent forward and kissed Suki. At first, the shorter boy was frozen; then, he slowly wrapped his arms around Lee and kissed back, just as soft. Seemingly, Suki had received the answer to his question as to exactly what the pale boy’s lips tasted like. They were sweet, like sugar. When they pulled away, Suki wanted, needed, more – just like sugar. Lee giggled quietly, 

“I made you stop and I made you blush. I win.” Suki just sighed and lay down, facing Lee.

M: Ask him to stay the night. Mother will be fine with it.

“H-Hey, Lee?”


“Do you, maybe, wanna stay the night…? It’s pretty dark out and I don’t want you to walk home and get hurt…” Suki asked, looking up at his green eyes. 


The End


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