She is the goddess of anxiety

If you ever fall in the hands of Anxiety, 

you are more or less doomed. 

Her large dress, made up of all your fears and worries, 

will engulf you over time and slowly drag you down

into the deeper and deeper waters of apprehension. 


She is forever falling, trapping anyone who happens 

to have a small fear of something happening. 

Her long hair holds all the power of the ocean of fear.

The only way to escape her grasp is by using 

the small fish of hope to pull you back up

and away from the anxiety.


I see small fish flying around in the air, 

and I even see a shark in the murky liquid of her potion. 

The potion, its potent aroma fills the room 

as I lift it up from the table. I bring it to my face, 

careful not to spill it, even though it doesn’t help me 


My lips touch the cold metal of this cup,

and I taste the liquid. 

Suddenly, a painful headache comes over me, 

that goddess of anxiety, and when she passes, 

my vision changes completely. 

Everything has a yellow tint, 

a minute goes by, and I 

need those fish

hiding in her dress.

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