Cross the bridge

over the chasm



Keep searching

you seek them out

to no avail

move on


Why do we keep chasing

even with shattered shins

envious of those who have everything

wanting to help who have nothing


Who refuse to look you in the eye

who have impelled you to leap,

lighthouse to lighthouse

to each and every hearth


You could repudiate no longer

the gnawing at the foot of your door

no longer does the purr subside

nor the warmth of the colors

cure the estrangement


They were known for maledict

your spitting image beneath us



for metal and pavement do not mix easy


And you who wish it had been a dream

and she who dreams of her own harm


I became powerless then,

as if alive, I could no longer remain

sit still, sat alone, yet chained to routine

but nine days had ought to be enough

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